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Sustainable Management of Aquatic Ecosystems

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The main aim of this master’s study programme is to prepare high-qualified ecologists by developing the competencies needed for the blue economy sector concerning the marine and coastal environment, its bio-resources and management. Students will gain competencies in integrating knowledge on interactions of anthropogenic and natural processes and socio-economic and legal aspects in the marine and coastal environment context.

This unique programme focuses on the ecology and environmental science of coastal waters and the marine environment. A significant focus is dedicated to the Baltic Sea ecosystem, which is highly challenged by anthropogenic impact. The courses are provided by practising scientists with international experience working in the Mediterranean, Arctic and Baltic Sea regions.

The main courses in the curriculum include Marine and Coastal Management; Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning; Application of GIS and Spatial Analysis Methods to Marine and Coastal Zone Research; Blue Economy; Aquaculture Technologies.

Global issues you will tackle

Adaptation to climate change, Aquatic pollution mitigation measures, Aquaculture as the solution for food challenges related to population growth.  

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Graduates can create their own business, work as ecologists or natural and industrial systems analysts in public, private or NGO sectors either nationally or within the EU.

Specific departments might include: environmental, protected areas administrations, aquaculture and fisheries, research laboratories.

Graduates may wish to work within higher education or research institutions, or continue studies at the PhD level.


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  • Unique by its scientific research and studies in marine field
  • European Union diploma recognized worldwide
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  • A member of European Union
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  • 94% of foreign students recommend studying in Lithuania