Rental of Premises

We rent these premises in the KU Campus:

Premises in Aula Magna auditorium complex (90-2 Herkaus Manto Street, shopping mall "Studelndas"):

1. Conference hall – 70 seats (additionally in the lobby next to it), in the conference room it is possible to organize simultaneous interpretation in several languages.
2. Two amphitheater auditoriums of 240 seats each (additionally the lobby next to them).


Stasys Vaitiekūnas Hall (84 Herkus Mantas Street, building with clock tower):

1. Conference hall – 160 seats (additionally in the lobby next to it catering services optional to arrange).


KU Senate Hall (84 Herkus Mantas Street, Senate building):

1. Conference room – 36 seats.

In the halls there is Wi-fi and a projector, it is possible to bring writing boards.
At the faculties (Faculty of Marine Technologies and Natural Sciences and Faculty of Health Sciences) auditoriums are rented with a writing board and a projector for up to 25 seats. A class of computers is also rented - up to 15 seats.

Contacts for booking

Short-term rental:
Phone: +370 46 39 89 62

Organisation of conferences:
Phone: +370 687 35375