Klaipėda University is the only university in Lithuania that has its own fleet. It consists of the scientific research vessel "Mintis", the training sailing vessel (gafftop schooner) "Brabander" and the sailing yacht "Odisėja".

Each vessel has its purpose. The sailing vessels "Odisėja" and "Brabander" are used for student training, marine research, sustainable marine tourism, educational programme and diving.  Aims of research vessel „Mintis“ are mostly connected with scientific purposes.

The spectrum of marine scientific research carried out on the university ships "Mintis" and "Brabander" is quite wide - bottom relief, geological, geophysical, biological and other studies, which use various scientific equipment, such as multibeam echo sounders, side view sonar, magnetometers, remotely controlled underwater robots, vibrodrilling and other various research equipment. The r/v „Mintis“ has a DP-1 (DP - Dynamic Positioining System), which allows carry outmarine researches that requires extremely precise positioning (keeping the ship in a given location).

The educational sailing ship "Brabander" is open to the public audience, she offers excursions, educational voyages, and practical activities for students and schoolchildren. This is the largest sailing vessel in Lithuania, so every year more and more people would like to take a sea trip on the "Brabander" ship. Many times this sailing ship has represented Klaipėda University, the port city and Lithuania in regattas and international events.

The smallest university vessel is the sailing yacht "Odisėja". This 14 meters length fiberglass keel yacht was built in Gdańsk in 1985 and has been in Klaipėda since 1993. She is used for sailing training and some scientific research.

The Klaipėda University Fleet cooperates with Lithuanian and foreign educational and cultural institutions, developing the maritime lifestyle — Klaipėda Sea Cadet School, Lithuanian Maritime Academy, PO „Klaipėda Festivals“, Sails Training International, sea scout organizations, sailing clubs and associations.


"Brabander" and "Odisėja"
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