Information about PhD Studies

Admission criteria

People are admitted to doctoral studies on the basis of an open competition. The most important criteria include:  

  • Grade point average of the master‘s diploma 
  • Assessment of a scientific project on the chosen topic 
  • Published, or accepted for publication, scientific papers  
  • The outcome of the motivational interview obligatory for all applicants (live or online)  

More exhaustive admission criteria, as well as potential topics for dissertations, shall be announced in May through July, depending on the study field.   

The documents required for admission

  • Master‘s diploma (or a document certifying an equivalent level qualification) and its supplement 
  • Notarised translation of the master‘s diploma and its supplement into Lithuanian
  • A document certifying recognition of the qualifications acquired abroad issued by Klaipėda University or the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education of Lithuania (
    Recognition of qualifications may take 2 to 4 weeks 
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • CV
  • Scientific publications (if any) and their copies
  • A research project
  • A copy of an identity document.

Other documents shall be indicated in the Admission Rules announced in May through July (depending on the study field).   

A short memo for the applicants

  • To contact the scientific advisor of the chosen topic (in case the topics have not been published, to contact the specified contact person in the desired study field)
  • To apply for the recognition of education acquired abroad in Lithuania
  • To prepare and submit all the documents required for admission, as specified in the Admission Rules
  • To attend the admission sitting at the specified time or to take part in it online 
  • After being admitted and signing the agreement, to apply to the Migration Department for a temporary residence permit in Lithuania and to open an account at the Bank of Lithuania  

Contact person for PhD studies Vita Jušienė email: