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Innovative Processes Engineering

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The course aims to develop highly qualified professionals in chemical and process engineering who are able to analyse and critically evaluate various industrial processes applying the principles of sustainability and circular economy. In addition, graduates will develop and implement advanced technologies that combine "green" thinking, engineering knowledge and practical skills, and to apply this to scientific and industrial activities. Throughout the course, they will be expected to be creative in their thinking and analysis, and independently organise and perform research.

An exciting study programme exploring alternative energy sources, new product development, sustainable raw materials, and energy resource management technologies. The course provides graduates with invaluable knowledge for working in the production of chemical products, alternative fuels, oil and gas processing companies, transportation terminals, and other similar such fields.

The main courses in the curriculum include Cleaner Production and Ecodesign; Conventional and Advanced Fuels; Biofuel and Biorefinery Technologies; Sustainable Resource Management; and Sustainable Energetics.

Global issues you will tackle

Engineers for innovative processes are able to think at the systems level to ensure manufacturing advances and technical solutions for sustainable production and resource use.

Their skills and knowledge will be used to better utilise our natural resources, avoid over production, and embed a ‘clean-green’ methodology in manufacturing engineering. 


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Graduates can work as a researcher, technology expert, or advisor / manager in various industrial companies within areas such as alternative fuels, oil and gas refineries, energy sector, transportation terminals, scientific institutions, and chemical laboratories. Alternatively, continued research within doctoral studies might be a choice. 


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