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Production Engineering

Location: Lithuania, Klaipeda
Type: Master, full-time
Nominal duration: 2 years (120 ECTS)
Study language: English
Awards: MSc of Engineering Sciences
Application deadline: June 1
Online application:
Studies commence: September 1

Tuition fee: €5157
Application fee: for citizens of the EU member states or countries of the European Economic Area (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, and Azerbaijan), as well as those who have a permanent residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania: €75. For other students: €180.

(Application fee is non-refundable)


Production Engineering

The aim of the Production Engineering study programme is to prepare high level Masters of Engineering Sciences in the field of Production Engineering, by raising the level of students’ scientific competence related to production logistics, modern industrial equipment and its reliability assessment, designing and analysis, numerical and mathematical modelling of technical systems, as well as analysis, management and optimisation of technological processes.

Distinctive features of the study programme: the study programme focuses on industrial enterprises and high-tech production companies, where the reliability of technical equipment, computerised designing and analysis of equipment and structures, as well as organisation of optimal production processes are of importance.

Career opportunities

Having acquired the Master’s degree in Production Engineering, individuals can work in various industrial enterprises (food, chemistry, furniture, textiles, etc.) as engineer-designers in design companies, technical consultants, managers of industrial enterprises or their units, project managers in commercial enterprises.

The structure of the curriculum

Subjects of the Production Engineering study programme provide students with deeper knowledge of technological equipment used in production, production management and logistics in modern production enterprises (chemistry, food, processing, materials production, etc.), technological equipment and its reliability assessment, technological processes, their optimisation and management, modern materials used in industry, and the latest production technologies.


In terms of the study infrastructure, the Faculty has created good working and study conditions for students. Students can carry out scientific research in three research laboratories. The amount of the equipment is sufficient for the intended lab work / scientific research. Moreover, students can work in the laboratories of the Marine Research Institute.

Admission requirements

Master’s study programme in Production Engineering admits Bachelors in the areas of biomedical, physical, or technological sciences without entrance examinations.

More about study programme you can find here

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