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Physical Activity and Sport Pedagogy

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Enrolling in this study programme, students will learn how to integrate innovative interdisciplinary knowledge through systematic thinking, and to then creatively implement it in physical activity and sports practice. Completion will qualify graduates to become leaders and seek new career challenges in a global society. 

This programme is implemented by highly qualified professors, many of whom are the most famous scientists in the field of physical activity and sports in Lithuania and abroad. Graduates may continue their education in social science Ph.D. study programmes after completing this programme.

The main courses in the curriculum include Sports Physiology; Physical Activity and Health; Exercise, Stress and Nutrition; Sport Business Management; and the Master's Thesis.

Global issues you will tackle

Health is a global issue and one of the 17 UN-SDGs. Physical activity improves overall health and strengthens cognition, independent functioning, and psychological health. The study programme is designed to tackle the physical inactivity pandemic, enhancing knowledge and understanding of the global issues pertinent to physical activity for health.   

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With a Master‘s degree in pedagogy, graduates are qualified to conduct a scientific study or pursue a number of careers in the fields of physical activity, health, and sport. Careers in physical and health education will lead to opportunities in public, private, NGO, and academic sectors - such as sports school leadership and coaching, inclusive recreation, wellness, youth development, park and recreation departments, fitness centres, and local government centres. 


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  • Unique by its scientific research and studies in marine field
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  • A member of European Union
  • 93,4% have a secondary education. The most educated nation in Europe
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  • 94% of foreign students recommend studying in Lithuania