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Recreation and Tourism

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This course provides students with knowledge of the functions, regularities and challenges of recreation and tourism, and related service provision of the sector. They will understand how to maintain and improve the service quality, to participate in research-based process analysis, and planning and management. The study programme specializes in the development of health tourism and e-tourism competencies.

The main courses in the curriculum include Leadership and change management; Resort, SPA and wellness studies; Tourism Structure and Resources; Recreation and Tourism Management; Recreation and Tourism Planning.

Specialisations: Health Tourism, E-Tourism

Global issues you will tackle

Global challenges within the tourism industry require new competencies in digitization, innovation development. In addition, advances in project management technology, data security, and other related fields all require a new level of leadership. The course highlights these and provides specialised teaching methods to study and help overcome them.  

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A high proportion of graduates work as managers in travel agencies, accommodation and recreational enterprises, tourism information centres, national and regional park administrations, municipalities, or develop their own personal business.  About 10% of graduates work abroad.


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