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Sea Port Engineering

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Students learn about marine transport, sea port engineering and cargo technologies. They are able to use smart technologies and implement the ideas of smart autonomous port or e-logistics, and also develop strategic technologies. The study programme comes with a specialisation - Marine Transport Logistics – which allows students to create and develop supply and logistics chains, understand the role of centres and platforms, and to solve complex tasks of standard and non-standard cargo transportation.

It is a unique study programme available at KU only. KU’s network of relationships with the Port Authority and companies based within the port area provides students with unique access to experts based here.

The main courses in the curriculum include Introduction to the programme; Complex logistics tasks; Basics of Green Shipping; Basics of Port Superstructure with Coursework Project; and Transport Systems.


  • Maritime Transport Logistics
    If you are able to respond quickly, love real-world challenges, and wish to manage situations, go for it! You will be able to create and develop logistics supply chains, centres, and platforms and to manage complex tasks of transportation of standard and non-standard cargo by sea and land. You will learn to control the motion of important objects and ships at sea. The demand for such specialists exists today and will exist tomorrow, since movement never ends!

Global issues you will tackle

Optimizing the process of logistics will support the clean environment. 
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Graduates are successful in finding work as technical consultants, specialists of marine industries, and logistics experts within port terminals. 


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