International and National Rankings

In the QS University Rankings: Europe, Klaipeda University has been ranked 145th in the Noprthern Europe region. 

The new QS EECA ranking improves the positions of the indicators of staff with PhDs, international students, and publications per faculty, with the latter ranking the highest at 102nd place in the overall ranking. Klaipeda University received the highest scores for citation rate (46.9 points), students per faculty (42.4 points) and publications per faculty (42 points).

The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), also known as the Shanghai ranking, states that Klaipeda Universty is among the top 200 universities in the field of Oceanography worldwide (Global ranking of academic subjects, 2021).

In 2021, Klaipeda University improved its position in 9 Bachelor's and 8 Master's fields of study in the Ratings journal's evaluation of fields of study: Public Health (BA), Nursing and Midwifery (BA), Informatics (BA), Informatics Engineering (BA), Management (BA), Tourism and Recreation (BA and MA), Pedagogy (BA), Linguistics (BA), Journalism (BA), Environmental Science and Ecology (MA), Rehabilitation (MA), Political Science (MA), Public Administration (MA), Education (MA), Theology (MA), and History (MA).

As many as 6 fields of study were ranked first in the field rankings: Marine Engineering (BA and MA), Human Geography (BA), Medical Technology (BA), Tourism and Recreation (BA and MA). The fields of study that continue to maintain stable positions in the ranking include Biology (BA), Natural Geography (BA), Mechanical Engineering (BA), Electronics and Electrical Engineering (BA), Chemical Engineering (BA), Civil Engineering (BA), Social Work (BA), Archaeology (BA), Public Health (MA), Nursing and Midwifery (MA), Informatics Engineering (MA), Natural Geography (MA), Manufacturing Engineering (MA), Chemical Engineering (MA), Marketing (MA), Pedagogy (MA), Philosophy (MA), Linguistics (MA), and  Biology (MA).