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The 6th International Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference

The Interaction of Tradition and Modernity

To mark the 80th anniversary of Professor Dr. Audronė Kaukienė, a renowned scholar of Baltic Linguistics

November 18­–19, 2021

The conference is organized in honour of fondly remembered professor Dr. Audronė Kaukienė, who would have celebrated her 80th anniversary this year. She was a much revered scholar of Baltic Linguistics, having nurtured a numerous group of followers who undertook her profound view to language and national culture as well as her methodological framework. Audronė Kaukienė was a personality who had a deep understanding of the essence of tradition – its meaning, vitality and power to manifest itself in newly emerging form.

In this modern and dynamic world tradition is a concept difficult to define. It is an ever changing construct that lacks strict boundaries and undergoes continuous development assuming different trajectories. We invite researchers to assemble for a scientific discussion about the change in tradition: significant implications, consequences and perspectives regarding any fact, subject, process or phenomenon breakthrough that is commonly perceived as traditional.

 In their scientific presentations, the delegates are invited to examine interaction between tradition and modernity in these domains:


The conference will be organized in physical presence and online:

  • KU SHMF, S. Neries 5, Klaipėda, Lietuva
  • Video conferencing platform ZOOM

Working languages: Lithuanian, English. The abstracts and slides of presentations are to be presented in the English language.

Presentations: 20 min., and 5 min. for discussions.

The registration form is to be filled by the 15th of October, 2021. The confirmation about your participation will be sent by the 1st of November, 2021.

The articles prepared on the basis of the conference presentations and meeting the requirements for a scientific article will be published in the Klaipėda University periodical scientific journal RES HUMANITARIAE referenced in the international database INDEX COPERNICUS and EBSCO

The author of conference logo Weatherwane: Denisas Nikitenka, 2014