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Degree studies

Faculty of Health Sciences offers a wide variety of study programmes in different study fields in undergraduate and postgraduate study cycles.

For 2016/2017 academic year the Unit opened admission in 8 study programmes. Full list can be found here!

Undergraduate  Programmes Tuition Fee per Year (EUR) 
 Nursing (EN, 4)  2100
 Recreation and Tourism (EN, 4)*  2100
 Social Work  (EN, 3,5)* (specializations: Social work in Community, Social Work in Health Care)  1380
 Public Health (EN, 4)(specialization – Nutrition)  2100
Postgraduate Programmes Tuition Fee per Year (EUR) 
 Health Care Management   (EN / RU, 2)*  2400
 Public Health Education (EN, 2)*  2400
 Social Work  (EN, 2)*  1980
Joint Master in International Tourism and Events Management (EN, 1,5)  2660

*available to start studies from February 1st. Admission deadline – November 30th.