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International joint master study programme International Tourism Events Management (ITEM) is the result of common efforts of five universities – Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (Latvia) and Klaipeda University (Lithuania) with a significant contribution of collaborating partner universities of Manchester Metropolitan University (United Kingdom), International Centre of Studies on Tourist Economics (Italy), Estonian School of Hotel and Tourism Management (Estonia) and the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Latvia (Latvia). Preparation of joint master program was financed by EU Lifelong Learning Programme within the project International Tourism and Events Management (2012-2014) ITEM (527698-LLP-1-2012-1-LV-ERASMUS-EMCR).


The aim of the ITEM program is designed towards requirements of public needs and the needs of the labour market: to train competent and creative young experts with advanced interdisciplinary knowledge in international tourism events management strengthening competitive advantages of being able widely to use ICT competencies and with personal abilities that tourism and event organizations demand to face future’s critical challenges.


  1. Securing of excellent English language skills via dialog and active communication by use of it as an working language;
  2. Applying of innovative teaching methods by combining use of ICT tools and Live Project Student group consultancy module;
  3. Developing of personal skills and capabilities based on market demand, targeted knowledge of the professional field, platform of internationalization, elastic study environment and leading towards business leadership and self-employability.