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The subject of scientific research of the department – the development of innovative social work by applying interdisciplinary approach in the context of social welfare improvement.
Fields of scientific interests and practice of the teachers of the department:

  • Assoc. prof., dr. V. Rimkus

Scientific interests – social support in social work, client strenghts perspective in social work, human rights and social work, positive social work, juvenile delinquency.
Field of practice – senior specialist at Child rights protection department of Klaipeda region municipality.

  • Prof., dr. E. Acienė

Scientific interests – problems of Lithuanian social policy, interdisciplinary studies of social problems, professionalization of social work from the perspective of relationship between studies and science.
Field of practice – president of the Association of social work schools of Lithuania, chairman of the board of Health sciences faculty of Klaipeda university, deputy chair of the Senate of Klaipeda University.

  • Prof., dr. V. Kavaliauskienė

Scientific interests – training of social workers/pedagogues, training of teachers, pedeutology, social pedagogy, interpersonal communication, links between objective and subjective factors of the profession, subject of the profession and professionalism of practice, innovations in professional practice.
Fields of practice – member of editorial board of Health sciences faculty, teacher at joint doctoral programme in educology.

  • Assoc. prof., dr. A. Kiaunytė

Scientific interests – supervision (professional relationship counselling) in studies and practice, dialogue within profesional relationships, social risks and human rights.
Fields of practice – supervisor (professional relationship counsellor).

  • Assoc. prof., dr. I. Dirgėlienė

Scientific interests – supervision (professional relationship counselling), community social activities, resocialization, experiential learning.
Fieklds of practice – supervisor (professional relationship counsellor).

  • Assoc. prof., dr. B. Kreivinienė

Scientific interests – life quality of people with disability, animal therapy, dolphin therapy, positive social work, social work with the disabled.
Fields of practice – head of the Dolphin therapy center at Lithuanian sea museum, dolphin therapist

  • Assoc. prof., dr. S. Mačiulskytė

Scientific interests – research in Lithuanian social policy and system of social welfare, management of social services, development of social services to improve life quality of the elderly.
Fields of practice – vice-dean of Health sciences faculty of Klaipeda University.

  • Lect., dr. D. Puidokienė

Scientific interests – human trafficking, sexual exploitation and prostitution, domestic violence, psycho-social support for victims of violence, existential psychotherapy, case management in social work, family support, organization of volunteer work.
Fields of practice – head of Klaipeda Social and psychological support center, existential psychotherapist.

  • Lect. J. Vaičiulienė

Scientific interests – students internship in social work institutions, social work with youth, violence against children.
Fields of practice – member of assessment board of study programme competencies for social worker assistants at Klaipeda center of professional training and rehabilitation.