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Brief information and some facts

Nursing is physical and mental care of healthy and ill individuals of different age, public and personal health education, prevention of disease and addictions. Nursing science is one of the youngest not only in Lithuania, but also worldwide, and historically is defined as the activity based on altruistic function of care. It has developed into an independent field of science as a profession with its own educational and professional preparation system and laws.

Mission of the department is to prepare highly qualified nursing specialists (practitioners and scientists), capable of organizing nursing process, solving problems that arise during care of patients, implementing scientific research activity.

Vision of the department:

The department is a growing and developing study and science centre, providing nursing professional education of university level that corresponds with the European standards. It concerns development of nursing as the applied field of study and enhancement of nursing as a branch of science. The department prepares nurses with the general and professional competences which underlie the work in different health care areas and participation in the development of nursing science.

Some facts:

  • Department of Rehabilitation and Nursing was established in 2001.
  • The first crop (24 students) graduated in 2004.
  • Master’s program in Nursing was implemented in 2005.
  • Department of Rehabilitation and Nursing was reorganized into two departments, Nursing and Rehabilitation in 2007.
  • Department of Nursing was led by professor dr. Arturas Razbadauskas from 2001 till 2009 (the first head of the Department of Nursing and now the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences).
  • Since 2006 the Room of nursing interventions functions in the scientific and educational division of the Faculty of Health Sciences of Klaipeda University. Studetns learn practical nursing skills there.