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About department

Department of medical technologies was reorganized in 2010 from previous Department of biophysics.
In 2011 Biomedical engineering program (612H16002) was approved. This program meets the need of biomedical engineering specialists, that have a knowledge and understanding of modern medical technologies and are able to contribute to expanding the application of these technologies in science and practice in Klaipėda region

In 2013 Radiology bachelor program (612B82001) was approved. It is the first and at the moment the only study program of radiology bachelor in Lithuania.

Some facts

  • In 2003 Biophysics department was established in Klaipėda University and Biophysics bachelor study program was approved. Head of the department at that moment was Doc. dr. Albinas Stankus.
  • In 2004 modern Biophysics laboratory was established. There students are taught how to conduct scientific research and are getting practical knowledge using NI ELVIS hardware and LabVIEW software in the learning process.
  • In 2010 department of Biophysics was reorganized to the department of Medical technologies.
  • In 2011 Biomedical engineering program (612H16002) was approved.
  • In 2013 Radiology bachelor program (612B82001) was approved.
  • In 2016 modern biomedical engineering laboratory was reorganized to central building of Faculty of Health Sciences.

Mission of the department is to prepare specialists, capable of solving problems that require expertise in the fields of biomedical technology and radiology while also carrying out scientific work that requires implementing both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Vision of the department. Department of medical technologies is growing center of studies and science that takes care of improving biomedical engineering and radiology studies and science activities, which includes:

  • Training of competent biomedical engineers and radiology technologists that have general and and professional competences, that makes the basis for working in various fields of medical technologies and health care, participating in science development.
  • Having professional qualification of radiology technologist that is approved in Lithuania and Europe healthcare facilities.