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About faculty

The Faculty of Health Sciences (Sveikatos mokslų fakultetas, SvMF) is an innovative and dynamic interdisciplinary center of health science competencies, which not only brings researchers, lecturers, and practitioners of science, studies, and project activities together, but also implements public health promotion and education. SvMF is guided by the values ​​of openness to innovation, involvement, diversity, and sustainability, has its activities focused on the current issues of society.

Teachers and practitioners have a common goal – to train highly qualified specialists. Currently, SvMF research and study activities are successfully developed by 6 departments: Medical Technologies; Holistic medicine and rehabilitation; Nursing; Social work; Public health; Sports, recreation, and tourism. There is also a Health Research and Innovation Science Center. In response to the need for trained specialists, studies are carried out in 9 study fields: Nursing and Midwifery; Medical technology; Social work; Public health; Rehabilitation; Tourism and recreation; Bioengineering; Leisure sports; Pedagogy; Business Management; in total, 18 study programs are carried out. In the 2020-2021 academic year, SvMF had over 1100 students and employed 125 lecturers, 74 of whom had a doctoral degree.

Health science research conducted by researchers at the Faculty of Health Sciences contributes to a healthy lifestyle, preventive and recreational strategies at the global, national, and regional levels. An important feature of SvMF is its interdisciplinarity, based on the involvement of researchers from different disciplines in health research. In 2020, SvMF approved a new science strategy “Health 360 °”, the aim of which is to ensure smart health solutions by promoting the health and well-being of all age groups. Research at the faculty covers many important aspects of health for all age groups and activities, including health in children, adults, and seniors, physical activity, multiple interventions in population health, palliative care, rehabilitation, and functional autonomy, health and technology, and evidence-based practices.

Staff of the faculty, September 2019 (A. Jarukaitis photo)

The Faculty of Health Sciences is a member of The Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER) and a member of other international organizations and networks (ENPHE – European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education; ORPHEUS – Organization for PhD Education in Biomedical and Health Sciences in the European System, etc.).

Ongoing cooperation with foreign universities, especially in Finland (Tampere, Turku and Lapland), Poland, Latvia, Portugal, promoting exchanges of lecturers, students and postgraduates, in order to develop professional and intercultural competences. The mobility of students and lecturers is also very promoted under the ERASMUS+ program. The participation of foreign researchers in KU research is also developed, in order to ensure the international visibility and competence of the Faculty. Foreign students are given the opportunity to participate in research projects, while KU students and researchers are able to improve their research skills through programs abroad.