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Department of public health


Department of Public Health is one of the oldest in the Unit, founded in 1999. The first Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences prof. dr. Algimantas Kirkutis, together with professors Vinsas Janušonis, Arnoldas Jurgutis, and Faustas Stepukonis developed the main concept of public health and successfully have been implementing public health studies at Klaipeda University.


Lithuanian National Health Concept foresees to restructure the existing health care system in order to pay more attention to the preservation and strengthening of health. A healthier society is one of the most important factors making impact on successful Lithuanian democratic development and more effective activities in public sector. People live longer due to improving socio-economic conditions and implemented new diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities. At the same time increasing rate of chronic diseases is observed, that demands more funds for elderly treatment and social care. It becomes more and more urgent to develop effective disease prevention strategies that would be able to extend as long as possible the full-fledged human health, i.e. the mental, physical and social well-being of society members. A modern public health – is a science, as well as art to implement organized society efforts to maintain health, prevent disease, early deaths and prolong life.

Taking care of each Lithuanian human and public health, in general, guarantees better lives for us and our children, that’s why public health studies are extremely responsible and honorable work.

Scientific research focuses on the studies of community health and health care need to contribute to disease prevention and health promotion.


Klaipėda University
Faculty of Health Sciences
Department of Public Health
Herkus Mantas str. 84
LT-92294 Klaipėda

Sigutė Kelmickytė-Norkienė Klaipėdos Jūrininkų lig.kardiologė

Doc. Dr. Sigutė Norkienė
Head of the Department of Public Health

Room No. 318
Ph. (8 46)  39 85 61
Fax (8 46)  39 85 52

Vilija Lazarevičiūtė
Secretary of the Department of Public Health

Room No. 318
Ph. (8 46)  39 85 60
Fax (8 46)  39 85 52

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