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Recognition Procedure

A brief overview of made previous academic recognition decisions

In 2020 out of 1000 applicants Klaipėda University has made 430 academic recognition decisions from 40 different countries. Most decisions were made on persons admitted for first cycle studies (76%), less decisions were made on persons admitted for second cycle studies (23%) and third cycle studies (1%). Out of the 430 qualifications recognized, 7 were not recognized: 3 from the Philippines and one each from Qatar, the United Kingdom, Benin and Sri Lanka.

Out of all made recognitions the largest number were taken for applicants of Nigeria (55,58%), Ukraine (6,05%), India (6,27%), Pakistan (3,72%), Russia (1,86%), Ghana (1,86%). Other countries consists 24,66% (Bangladesh, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Iran, Egypt, Georgia, UK, etc).

Out of all recognitions made, the largest number of qualifications were made for the candidates from Nigeria.

Bases on the analysis of SKVC investigation on recognitions made by KU, no inappropriate recognition decision was made during 2020.

During 2020, KU asked for private consultation at SKVC center for 97 times. Out of this recognition of previous education was made for 69 applicants. In the remaining cases the candidates did not provide the required documents or did not meet another requirements and the decision on the recognition of the qualification was terminated.