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Course programme

Lithuanian Language and Culture Winter Academy, 2018

Klaipeda University, Lithuania

Daily course schedule on working days (except for the opening and closing days)

  • 10.00–11.30 1st lecture
  • 11.30–12.00  Break
  • 12.00–13.30 2nd lecture
  • From 3/4 p.m. Excursions, cultural events, other activities (see the program below)

Preliminary program:


January 8,


Ceremonial opening of courses. First lecture. Coffee / tea meeting. Walk with the mentors to the center of Klaipeda (about 10 minutes). City view from the observation deck.

January 9,




January 10,


Walking tour in the old town of Klaipeda with guides (LT and ENG).  Visits to the museum of Minor Lithuania and Castle Museum.

Trip to Curonian Spit. Juodkrante (Hill of Witches), Dead Dunes, Nida: Parnidis Dune, Amber Museum, Thomas Mann’s museum. Language practice during the excursion.

International party. Interactive presentation of Lithuanian ethnic culture and multicultural friendship evening event: Lithuanian folk songs, dances, favorite snacks. Presentation of participants’ countries and national cuisine. Lithuanian favorite snacks. Lithuanian songs and dances.

Excursion to Palanga. Amber museum, promenade, sea-bridge (

Interactive lecture “Lithuania in the Context of the Baltic States: Past and Present” is conducted by the University’s historian. Discussions (lecture in LT and EN languages).

Excursion to Coastal Regional Park. Museum, walk in the forest and in the beach.

Stay in a Lithuanian family, where one will get acquainted with the hospitality traditions of the Lithuanian culture, carry out practical Lithuanian language communication tasks, cook Lithuanian dishes, play Lithuanian folk games, and communicate.

Tour over Lithuania (3-days), getting to know different regions and visiting all of Lithuania’s capitals – the former and the present: Kaunas (overnight); Rumsiskes, Vilnius (overnight); Trakai, Kernave. During the trip there is a language practice, quizzes on cultural topics.

An interactive lecture “Virtual tour in Lithuania”, designed especially for those who did not take place on a trip around Lithuania.

♦After the final exam watching a Lithuanian film/ theater performance and discussion.

♦After the final lesson – closing event. Farewell party in  the rural farmstead.

P.S.  Also, additional cultural activities will be offered: workshops on literary, theater, ethnography etc. On certain days of the week there will be educational activities of dancing and singing in the city Center of Ethnic Culture.