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Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Course  (2021, 15 July – 13 August): Onsite/Online course

Summer Academy involves:

The intensive summer / winter courses are being held here for 20 years and got a worldwide recognition from Europe to America, from Australia to Japan. Our alumni and course teachers cherish their  relationships making a particular network. Some of alumni come again and again to improve Lithuanian at a more advanced level, and some of them already teach Lithuanian by themselves!

In 2020, it was the first time when the summer course had to be held online (because if the global COVID-19 situation). The overall impression has been great: new interesting ways of teaching, excellent study results, intensive communication, interesting cultural events, new relationships and friends; all in all, an amazing feeling of being very close to each other.

Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Academy in 2021 (July 15 – August 13) is going to be a combination of both contact and live online course options.

Having chosen a contact or an online summer course, you will:

  • Acquire a certain level of competence in the Lithuanian language (there will be groups of different levels);
  • Language classes will be held every day from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:30 (Lithuanian time). In case of online groups from American continent the time of classes can be different, e.g.15:00–18:30;
  • Total workload includes 82 academic hours of live communication;
  • Homework tasks will take at least some 1 more hour;
  • Cultural program will be organized on certain days after classes (after a lunch break) and on Saturdays. This will include interactive lectures of the culture of Lithuania, traditions and customs, Lithuanian folklore; live and virtual trips, other events (see the Course Program)
  • Graduation certificates and 8 ECTS (European study credits) for those who fulfill the teaching program will add to your portfolio!