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Information about call for proposal

The call for proposals for 2020 Lithuanian Language and Culture Winter Courses (January 4 - February 2, 2020) is now open!

Klaipeda University with Education Exchanges Support Foundation offers Lithuanian state scholarships to attend Lithuanian language and culture courses. 

Scholarships are offered for:

  • students, lecturers or researchers of higher education and research institutions;
  • foreigners of Lithuanian origin;


The candidates must provide the copies of the listed documents through online application system:

1. Completed application form.
2. Official original letter from the candidate’s higher education and research institution approving the status of a student, lecturer or researcher. N.B. For students the letter must contain information on the applicant’s current cycle of studies (1st, 2nd or 3rd study cycle), year of studies and expected date of graduation.
3. One recommendation letter filled and signed by a professor or other academic staff, tutor or employer (added to the application form as an attachment using this template form)


The candidates must provide the copies of the listed documents through online application system:.

1. Completed application form.
2. One recommendation letter from Lithuanian community abroad (added to the application form as an  attachment).
3. Proof of Lithuanian origin:
    ♦ a certificate or other document proving the Lithuanian origin issued by the Lithuanian community of a respective country or other competent authority (an embassy and similar);
    ♦a document issued by a competent foreign authority (a school, municipality, embassy and similar) proving that the person has resided for three years in a foreign country if he/she is an alien.
Priorities will be given to the applicants who: 
   ♦apply for the summer language and culture courses for the first time (this priority is not applicable for Lithuanians and foreigners of Lithuanian origin);
   ♦formally or informally study Lithuanian language, history and culture as a subject at home institution (it must be justified in the application form).   


   ♦1st cycle (Bachelor), 2nd cycle (Master), 3rd cycle (PhD) students, lecturers and researchers of all study/research fields approved for Lithuanian language and culture courses will receive a scholarship of 570 EUR.
   ♦Tuition fee for Lithuanian language and culture courses will be covered by the Republic of Lithuania and directly transferred to the higher education institution.
   ♦Any other fees such as a student union fee, a library membership fee, etc. shall be paid by the scholarship holder.
   ♦Travel and accommodation costs shall be covered by the scholarship holder.
   ♦Scholarship is intended to cover the scholarship holder’s expenses only. Additional amount for accompanying partners or family is not provided. Lithuanian state scholarships cannot be double funded from other sources, e.g. other scholarships or other academic exchange programs.


   ♦These courses are not available for holders of higher than C1 level of Lithuanian language and native speakers.
   ♦Required documents must be completed in English or Lithuanian only.
   ♦If the potential applicant has received Lithuanian state scholarships for consecutive 12 months in the period of 1st January, 2019 – 1st January, 2020, he/she is not eligible to apply for any Lithuanian state scholarship for 1.5 year.
Scholarships for Lithuanian language and culture courses are offered for candidates who are students, lecturers or researchers of higher education and research institutions of the following countries:
Countries No. of scholarships
The Eastern Partnership countries
Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia 7
ASEM countries
Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, China, S. Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam 7
Lithuania priority export market countries
Sweden, Germany, Norway, Finland, the United Kingdom, France, Poland, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia, the USA, Israel
All other countries
The countries that are not mentioned in the country list above
Lithuanians and foreigners of Lithuanian origin
Lithuanian state scholarships for children, grandchildren, great–grandchildren of Lithuanians living abroad and foreigners of the Lithuanian origin

   Contact person:

     Mrs Dalia Želvytė-Mockuvienė 
Herkaus Manto st. 84, Klaipėda, LT-92294
00370 46 398 950