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Social Work

Location: Lithuania, Klaipeda
Type: Bachelor, full-time
Nominal duration: 3.5 years (210 ECTS)
Study language: English
Awards: BSc (Social Work)
Specialisation: Social Work in Community, Social Work in Health Care*
Tuition fee: €2628
Application fee: The Application fee for degree study programmes is for citizens of the EU member states or countries of the European Economic Area (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, and Azerbaijan), as well as those who have a permanent residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania: €65. For other students: €160. (Application fee is non refundable).
Application deadline: November 30 / June 30
Online application:
Studies commence September 1 / February 1

*During their studies, students must select a specialisation. The specialisation is implemented if a group consists of at least 8 students.

Social Work

The 21st century is not only an age of technologies; it is also an age of services. It is an age where social work remains of high relevance, as human contact and human support cannot be replaced by machines. If you are eager to reinforce your values, show the kindness of your heart, if you care about the well-being of society, or if you are keen on volunteering, social work is a profession for you.

The studies in the Bachelor’s degree programme in Social Work at Klaipeda University last for 3,5 years. Students may choose one of the two offered specializations:  Social Work in Community or Social Work in Health Care. The curriculum includes courses from the fields of psychology, medicine, sociology, management, philosophy, social policy, human rights, etc. Each specialization focuses on courses directly related to the chosen sphere. For students with specific interests, the programme offers courses such as dolphin-assisted therapy, social-occupational therapy and social work with refugees, or supervision. Strong emphasis is placed on students’ practical skills: social work studies have four periods of internships.

Career options

After completing the studies of Social Work at KU, students will have the following career options: social work in community, in the system of social care, in the system of health care, or in educational, legal, and non-governmental institutions.


PETER AKHIGBE AHONSI: “The experience was very good. I learned a lot from different staff members and different styles of teaching. I understood social work better. In Klaipeda University, the work stress is lower, we could communicate with teachers, we felt care, love and understanding from them, they were helpful“.

MARIIA TSETHNEROVICH: “Social work studies helped me to socialize in Lithuania. I can better understand the main trends in Lithuanian social policy, economy and legal issues. I have very good relationships with other students, I feel very comfortable“.

More about study programme you can find here

Why Klaipeda University?

  • Unique by its scientific research and studies in marine field
  • European Union diploma recognized worldwide
  • Wide range of programmes
  • International studies in English
  • Young and rapidly growing
  • High quality education for a reasonable price

Why Lithuania?

  • A member of European Union
  • 93,4% have a secondary education. The most educated nation in Europe
  • 92% speak foreign language (usually English, Russian or Germany)
  • 94% of foreign students recommend studying in Lithuania