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Become Erasmus+ Student

ERASMUS+ Studies


Who can become an Erasmus+ student?

Those willing to participate in the competition are to submit the following documents to the Department of Studies (Room 305, the Senate Building, Herkaus Manto Str. 84):

  • Erasmus+  application form online;
  • Transcript of records for the whole study period (confirmed in the Dean‘s Office);
  • Recommendation of the Head of the Department, agreed on with the Dean;
  • A motivation letter (in Lithuanian, addressed to the Selection Committee);
  • Applicants are to pass a foreign languageknowledge test. Foreign language knowledge tests must be taken by all applicants for the Erasmus + competition (except for philology students who intend to study the speciality language).

Before submitting the documents, please visit the website of the chosen university and find out whether your study programme is in line with the courses offered by that university andwhether the last day to apply has not passed.

Students shall be informed on the selection results via e-mail.

For more detailed information, please contact  the Department of Studies, tel. (+370 46) 39 89 52, e-mail:


Conditions for Erasmus+ studies:

Students may only go to the institutions that the sending institution has signed exchange agreements with. Duration of studies in the partner institution is from 3 to 12 months. List of the Inter-institutional Agreements (placements).

The study period abroad will be recognised as an integral part of the study programme at the sending institution.

All the credits and grades gained at the host institution will receive full academic recognition at the sending university.

No fees (tuition, registration, exams, or access to libraries or laboratories)have to be paid to the host university, except for some minor charges, e.g., insurance, a student union fee, the use of copying and print services ,and the like. The rates should not differ from those applied to local students.