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Studentų atsiliepimai

I am a second year student at Klaipėda University and I study English and German linguistics. In my opinion this study program has its own benefits and drawbacks like everything in this world. For starters, not many of us are willing to study, but the necessary information won‘t be magically installed in our brain. Therefore students like pupils have to put effort in learning new things. But the whole learning process becomes easier and more interesting, when the environment that surrounds us during the studying is pleasant and cheerful. I really enjoy the German language lecturers that we have in our study program. They seem to enjoy what they do. It doesn’t matter if you’ve learned German at school or you are a beginner. They are helpful, funny and always have something new to offer. What I like more about my studies is that even if we study foreign languages we do not forget our native language and have some lectures to support it. In general I like that we are given the opportunity to learn two foreign languages in one study program. Like we all know languages are an advantage when you’re looking for a job. So I am glad that I found this study program in my hometown.

The English/German study program provides a great opportunity for students not only to learn these languages but also to use them properly in daily life. This program is perfectly adjusted for students and as a result students are able to speak German during the first year of studying. English level is advanced, so it helps to improve language skills. There is even a chance to study abroad going by Erasmus program.

If one were to study English in Klaipėda, this university would be the best place to do it!

Yes! I would recommend this program!

The quality of our study program is adequate. The lectures themselves are informative, interesting and allow students not only to learn, but also to participate in them, express one’s opinion, views and ideas. Not only do they provide with information that is useful, but they also encourage analytical thinking. The study program itself is well thought of, lectures follow each other consecutively. Lecturers are open to questions and suggestions, they always encourage students to speak up, are ready to help and support; they have a passion for their work which is of high importance for a student. Students have a possibility to attend public lectures that are being offered on the behalf of the English Club.

I believe English and German linguistics study program is a magnificent opportunity to learn two languages at the same time. The teachers I have been in contact with perfectly carry out the responsibilities. Most of them are really helpful and devoted to teach us as more as possible. I consider most of the community of the university are highly motivated and professional. I assume the studies in Klaipėda University could be a priceless experience.

After graduating from high school, I was very doubtful about what to do next. But, luckily, I am now a student at Klaipėda University. Do I seem happy about my decision? Of course! I’ll give you some reasons for that. Firstly, I’m highly interested in various languages and translations. I’d say, the more languages you know, the better. This study programme not only provides me with general knowledge about different cultures (English, German), but also prepares for becoming a professional translator.  Secondly, the competence of lecturers. Naturally, some of them lack it, but some are real experts. You can clearly see how much effort they put in their work, especially when it comes to finding the right method of keeping us entertained and educated at the same time. Thirdly, my awesome groupmates. Because of them, I’m always in a good mood. The only boy in my group is always busy entertaining us, girls. Isn’t he lovely?

After four years of studying I am content with the study program, I learned a lot and improved my skills, gained lots of experience. I would recommend it for other pupils as it was very interesting and useful.

I have chosen this study program to learn German language and to deepen my English language knowledge in the second place. I am highly satisfied with the quality of German language courses – the level of my grammar has increased considerably over the past one and a half years and the vocabulary became a lot richer. The dedication and professionality of the teachers had never disappointed me over the semesters.

Also, I would like to express my thoughts about the English language course. The syntax and lexicology courses are/were very useful and informative, but the lexical part feels a little bit too slow and not as advanced as it should be, in my opinion. Even though, I have no problems with my teachers’ dedication and willingness to give their best and trying to take the best out of us.

To sum up, I would rate the study program 8/10. Not because I am not satisfied, but only to encourage the university to continue doing great job, improving, involving different methods, etc.

I am a student at Klaipėda University. In this university I chose to study English/German languages. This study programme provides a great opportunity for students, who are willing not only to learn languages, but also want to extend linguistic knowledge. I am satisfied with this study programme. Lecturers are always helpful. They try to understand students’ problems and needs. In 2015/2016 I went to study abroad as an exchange student. Klaipėda University coordinator and tutor were really helpful and supportive while I was studying at the receiving institution.

Studijų akimirkos