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Students’ Agency

Students‘ agency in the faculty is very energetic, proactive, very musical and creative: we are waiting for you daily during the long break. ANY QUESTIONS? ADDRESS US:


Each student of the faculty is an inventive, responsible and proactive member of community, provided with opportunities for self-dependent development in friendly and open to innovations environment.


Proper representation of students and their interests on the basis of cooperation, unity of faculty‘s community and improvement of its cultural life.


  • Dissemination of important information among students;
  • Cooperation with faculty’s administration and clubs;
  • Representation of the faculty outside the university;
  • Development of faculty’s Internet space;
  • Support of students, implementing their ideas;
  • Promotion of students’ activeness, responsibility and civil activity;
  • Nurturance of cultural life;
  • Preservation of old traditions and establishment of new ones;
  • Cultivation of ties with other agencies of Klaipėda University;
  • Cultivation of relations with agencies of other Lithuanian universities.


  • Solution of students’ academic problems;
  • Representation of faculty students in and outside the faculty;
  • Operative information about major events;
  • Formation of continuity in traditions;
  • Cooperation with academic young people of KU.