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The SSF KU has signed Erasmus cooperation agreements with a number of universities. The academic staff of the Department of Public Administration and Social Geography went on research leaves to universities in Bulgaria, Poland, the Netherlands, France, Slovakia, Germany, Belarus and under the Erasmus Staff programme, to the Evaluation Consultancy Infyde in Bilbao, Spain. The students of the master programme of Regional Governance had an opportunity to attend lectures intended for the students of the study programmes of Economics, Journalism, Management, and Political Sciences. The aims of the academic staff mobility are related to the aims of the Bologna process. The content of the courses offered for partner universities is agreed with their study programmes. Staff mobility is encouraged by relating it to the salary coefficient and taking it into account during the attestation.

Erasmus Cooperation Agreements in the study field of Public Administration signed by the SSF

Country Institution

Study field

The Czech Republic Jan Amos Komensky University Business Management and Administration
University of Pardubice Business Management and Administration
Metropolitan University Prague International Relations, European Studies
Spain International University of Catalonia Social Sciences
Saragosa University Social Sciences
Italy University of Bologna Business Management and Administration
Norway Volda University College Humanities and Social Sciences
Romania West University of Timisoara Social Sciences
University of Oradea Social Sciences; Public Administration
Slovakia Comenius University in Bratislava Public Administration
Sweden Lund University Social Sciences
Umea University Social Scienes
Turkey Uludag University Social Sciences
Poland Wroclaw University Public Administration
Lodz University Political Sciences