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Invitation to the interdisciplinary scientific conference „Welfare and Security in the 21 st Century: the Context of Post-Democracy“

The Department of Political and Communication Sciences continuing international cooperation, which has been launched 2016 together with the representatives of humanitarian and social sciences  in the research area of security and welfare.

Holding the conference we approach that participants from the Klaipėda University, Lithuania‘s and foreign countries will submit the research results of stability, sustainability, adaptability, a problems of progress and security of contemporary societies under the conditions of democracy transformation. The materials of conference we intend to publish as a separate publication. Detailed information presented here.

Presentations will be made at the sessions of Section 2 which consist as a part of 13th  International Scientific Conference Welfare in the 21 st Century: Challenges and Solutions“ organised by Faculty of Social Sciences on 24-25th May 2018. At the moment  we have  announced Invitation to take part in the conference, arranging work Programme, waiting for registration of participants, theirs publication as well. More detailed information one can find here.