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The staff of the Department:

Staff/ Contacts  Research interests
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saulius Šiliauskas

Tel. (8 46) 39 86 73
Mob. 8 614 83 571

Issues of the history of Lithuanian political thought; democracy theory and development in the 20th to the 21st century; the civil society discourse and realities in Lithuania.
Prof. Dr. Antanas Bučinskas

Tel. (8 46) 39 86 51
Mob. 8 687 31 793

Issues of the formation of civil society in Lithuania and the resources of civil society in the context of sustainable social development; the relations between the EU and USA and small states.
Lect. Arvydas Cesiulis

Mob. 8 671 11 811

The development of the civil society processes; the improvement of democratic processes; the improvement of the governmental and local government institutions management; modelling of the prospects of the East and West relations.
Lect. Dr. Julius Žukas

Tel. (8 46) 22 26 79
Mob. 8 616 99 700

Political, social, and economic history of the city and region of Klaipėda and Lithuania Minor; Lithuanian political system; social and political development of the Kaliningrad region; the history of European integration.
Prof. Dr. Vaidutis Laurėnas

Tel.: work (8 46) 39 89 21;
home (8 46) 35 10 14
Mob. 8 682 30 007

Lithuanian political sociology; post-communist studies; political processes in small states; knowledge management.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kęstutis Šerpetis

Tel. (8 46) 39 86 63

Methodology of social sciences; scientific research methods; theorety and practice of political mediology; political anthropology.
Assist. Alvyda Obrikienė

Mob.8 616 72 257

Democracy and democratisation; political participation.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daiva Sirtautienė

Tel. 8 601 09 939

Communication; advertising; press journalism; education sciences.
Lect. Gražina Juodytė

Investigative journalism; theoretical aspects of journalism.
Assist. Vidmantas Nastopka
Tel. 8 686 07 366
Surveys of periodic press readership and audiences
Lect. Giedrė Vaičekauskienė


Rhetoric; political communication.
Lect. Dr. Janina Pupelienė

Tel. 8 686 08 047

Science communication (specialist preparation for the popularisation of science and technologies, analysis of the impact of the project Development and Implementation of the National System of Science Popularisation Measures); scientific communication and open science; surveys of the user environment modernisation seeking the innovativeness of information and communication institutions.
Lect. Dr. Rosita Vaičiulė

Tel. 8 616 10 661

Media ecology; media and socialisation; media and marketing.
Lect. Valdemaras Puodžiūnas


Journalism and information policy; correlation of the professional and civic journalism in public communication; issues of the journalist text expression.
Lect. Edita Valinčienė
Corporate communication; media systems; training of reporter skills; digital media.
Assist. Toma Mačiulskytė

Tel. 8 625 48 734

E- media; media; writing; content organisation and management.


Visiting professors:

  1. Dr. Lauras Bielinis
  2. Dr. Audronė Nugaraitė
  3. Frank Barnas
  4. Prof. Thomas Lewe

Staff of the Media Laboratory:

  1. Vidas Valinčius, Head of the Media Lab
  2. Vasilijus Bortnikas, operator of the Media Lab

Part-time staff (visiting professors):

  1. Dr. Gediminas Vitkus
  2. Dr. Habil. Axel Ernst Walter