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Social Science Faculty



Klaipėda University offers a wide variety of study programmes in different study fields in all study cycles. Social Science Faculty offers 4 study programmes in post-graduate studies:

*available to start studies from February 1st. Admission deadline – November 30th.

For 2017/2018 academic year Klaipeda University opened admission in 35 study programmes. Full list can be found here!


Klaipėda University warmly welcomes all students coming for non-degree study programmes. Social Science faculty offers 4 programmes:

The list of all offered courses at Klaipeda University for 2017/2018 year can be found here!

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The State of Lithuania: independent and democratic republic. The powers of the State are exercised by the Seimas (the Parliament), the President of the Republic, the Government, and the Judiciary.

National Flag: the colours of the State Flag are yellow, green, and red (stripes are horizontal).

Total area: 65,300 sq. km. Nearly one third of the country is covered by forests, and 4.5% by inland waters. There are over 2,800 lakes larger than 0.5 hectares in size, and 18 rivers longer than 100 kilometres.

Population: approximately 2,99 million.

Language: the state language is Lithuanian which is the oldest living Indo-European language. All correspondence and official communication in the country is conducted in Lithuanian.

Capital: Vilnius. The city was officially founded in 1323. The Old Town of Vilnius is one of the largest (360 ha) and prettiest in East and Central Europe and is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Largest cities by population: Vilnius 535,631; Kaunas 315,993; Klaipėda 162,360; Šiauliai 109,328; Panevėžys 99,690.

Ethnic Composition: Lithuanians 84.2%, Polish 6.6%, Russians 5.8%, others 3.4%.

Religion: predominantly Roman Catholic (approximately 80% of the total population). Other confessions include Orthodox, Old Believers, Lutheran, Reformed, Judaist, Sunni, Karaite and other communities.

National Currency: the National currency is the Euro (EUR).

Climate: maritime/continental. Average temperature in July is +17°C, in January -4.9°C. However, temperatures can soar up to +30°C in summer, and drop to-32°C in winter. Summers are pleasantly mild, whereas not every winter offers an abundance of snow.

Local Time: Lithuania lies in the Central European Time zone (GMT +2 hours, or the same as, for instance, Helsinki, Riga, and Tallinn).

To get a better picture of what it feels like to live and study in Lithuania, take a look at the following videos:

To see how the city of Klaipėda looks like check this link .

This and much more information about Lithuania and Klaipėda can be found under these links (sources of information):