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Photo by Rita Gorodeckienė

Management Department was established in May, 1995. Management department is situated in a new university, in a new faculty, with new ideas and new objectives. It is actively and wholeheartedly supported by the governing body of the University, as well as by the Klaipėda city business organizations’ managers and owners in order to meet the completely blank, still not sated and for many decades insatiable management professionals’ market, opening up huge opportunities for young people to pursue the implementation of their dreams. (prof. A. Seilius).

Head of Management Department: 1995-1998assoc. dr. A. Seilius; 1998-1999 – prof. habil. dr. A.Makštutis; 1999-2003prof. habil. dr. A. Seilius; 2003-2008 – assoc. dr. A. B. Knašas; 2008 m. – assoc. dr. R. Stašys.

The primary purpose of the management department – train highly qualified management specialists and scientists, who are capable of performing intellectual and creative work and develop management education in Lithuanian and foreign management and research organizations.

Management department tasks:

  • Develop and improve management and business administration bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral study programs;
  • Organize management and business administration studies according to the registered and approved by the corresponding institutions programs of study;
  • Organize improvement and re-training courses for the management and business administration specialists, prepare the entrants for the managements studies;
  • Prepare improvement courses and seminars for the department staff, participate in training and improvement programs of other institutions;
  • Prepare management science works, textbooks, educational literature and tools;
  • Initiate the planning  of management science researches and applied sciences projects, as well as search for the necessary financial and material resources needed for their implementation;
  • Organize science conferences for students and lecturers;
  • Cooperate with other management and administration education and higher education institutions and business organizations;
  • Accumulate equipment and tools necessary for the management and administration research and studies;
  •  Develop management ideas that uphold the unified clubs and associations.

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