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In 2016, the project “ClusterMare” was launched and completed (01.01.2015. 12.31). The project was financed by Seed Money South Baltic Program. Head – prof. dr. V. Juščius. Based on the Seed Money “ClusterMare” project the Department of Economics, Klaipėda University, has participated in international events representing research activities in the field of clustering. As a result, the network of international partners LT-PL-DE-SE-DK was created and the state of clusterization of the maritime sector of LT-DE-PL regions was reviewed. Seed money project applicant – KU; partners: Maritime University of Sacramento and Renewable Energy Association in Rostock.

In 2017, the SB Bridge project was launched. It is designed to analyse and assess the content of the Cultural Growth topics in the study programs of vocational education and higher education institutions operating in the countries of the Baltic Sea Region and to offer more cooperation with businesses in the Baltic Sea Region, having assessed the need for a business to have qualified specialists in particular Green Growth issues. The project is implemented by the Department of Economics together with the Germans (ATI Science, Research and Co-operation Organization) and Polish (Gdańsk Entrepreneurship Fund).

Implementing  “SB Bridge” project on 2017 September 17−18 the university community and representatives of vocational schools in Klaipėda  were invited to discuss the topic of green growth. The International Round table discussion focused on the concept and scope of the Green Growth, shared experiences about the current situation and perspectives in the Baltic Sea Region, discussed the extent to which Green Growth affects certain areas of professional activities, and how many of these declarative statements contain tendencies of fashion. Guests from Germany and Poland actively joined the discussion about the green growth situation in business and the expected changes. During the meeting, much attention was paid to discussions on how to communicate the ideas of Green Growth to students through the practice of formal and non-formal education in vocational education and training, as well as motivating young people to become more personally involved in the implementation of Green Growth Measures, and to more actively seek professional knowledge and use it to improve their professional competences. Students also actively participated in this discussion by sharing their insights into personal responsibility and attitudes towards sustainable consumption, sorting out and formal learning programmes and their content linked to the Green Growth topics. The young participants also commented on what motivates the younger generation to engage in similar initiatives and have firmly shown that it is a concern for young people and that it is relevant.

Submitted project applications:

  • South Baltic Program ClusterMare
  • South Baltic Program “Umbrella”
  • ERASMUS + project “Strengthening Students’ Capacity in Creating Quality Culture in Kazakhstan”