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The Department of Marketing and International Relations performs the functions of marketing, communication, and international relations.
The objectives of the Department of Marketing and International Relations include:

  1. to build and implement the University communication and image strategy, to develop the University activity promotion plans and to co-ordinate their implementation, to increase the University‘s visibility and to enhance the public confidence in the University and its activity, and to create a positive image of the University;
  2. to build and implement the University study, research, and artistic activities marketing, to carry out the activities of student recruitment in Lithuania and abroad;
  3. to inform the general public, media, governmental, local governance, and other institutions, and social partners about the University activity, to maintain relations with the external partners of the University in Lithuania and abroad, and to ensure internal communication;
  4. to ensure fluent oraganisation of common university events and the reception of official delegations and visitors;
  5. to participate in the building and implementation of the University‘s international co-operation strategy; to coordinate the activities of international co-operation.


The Department of Marketing and International Relations
Room 310, the Building of the Rector‘s Office
Klaipėda University campus
Herkaus Manto Str. 84
92294 Klaipėda

Inga Petrauskienė
Head of the Department

Tel. (8 46) 39 89 05
Mob. tel. 8 616 40 359
Faks. (8 46) 39 89 99
Room 310

Justina Čekanauskienė

Senior specialist for marketing and communication
Tel.: (8 46) 39 89 08

Room 310

Eglė Straupė

Senior specialist for communication
Tel(8 46)  39 89 85
Mob. tel. 8 650 57 577
El. paštas
Kab. nr. 310

Laimutė Servaitė