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Services for Business and Public

In cooperation with business and industrial enterprises, scientists have been actively developing R&D projects and innovations, conducting outsourced research, and getting engaged in other activities intended for the commercialization of  scientific achievements.

Services Results
Environmental impact assessment Assessment report
Assessment of pollution distribution and its environmental impact Assessment report
Energy and environmental auditing of ships Audit report, recommendations
Climate change impact studies and modeling Report, developed models
Assessment of the efficiency of the use of biofuels and environmental impact Report, recommendations
Analysis of urban areas Recommendations
Ichthyological research Research report
Research on the biodiversity of ecosystems, evaluation of species Research report,  evaluation
Research on the efficiency and effectiveness of enterprise environmental systems Research report,  recommendations
Investigation of the depth of the bottom and inventory of buried objects: seismic acoustic seabed studies identifying objects buried under sediment and determining the structure of the depth of the bottom up to 20-30 m below the surface of the water body; surveys of surface sediments, geological structure regularities, pre-design works of engineering projects Information about the structure of the bottom, the geological structure, and the objects there
Services Results
Development of engineering systems, analytical databases, software systems, autonomous mobile systems and their remote control Selected systems, their remote control settings
Application of cloud computing solutions to the development of database systems and WEB applications for managing large streams of traffic Applications, for managing large streams of traffic; databases, their systems, optimal management of data flows
Visualization and optimization of company’s production processes Production process diagrams and their optimization
GIS technology application Maps showing spatial data properties
Embedded systems development, prototyping, and application Embedded systems, their design and application possibilities
Creation of laser systems and their interconnecting modules Laser systems and their modules
The development and application of smart WEB and computer applications in the field of transport and logistics Implementation of smart WEB and computer applications in transport management and logistics
Design, programming, production and installation of sophisticated hardware and software systems that use RFID and NFC identification equipment Implementation of new software systems
The selection and application of innovative solutions to the integration of the Internet of Things into everyday social processes The Internet of Things, etc. innovative solutions in process management
Services Results
Underwater archaeological investigations in marine and inland waters Conclusions, certificates, and reports
Macroscopic and microscopic investigations of anthropological and zoo-archaeological substances Research reports
Conclusions and certificates of the authenticity (falsification) of a fossil archaeological material Conclusions and  certificates
Visualisation of the archaeological material in the real estate final version:  presentation of the material for the creation of interior and exterior elements Projects of archaeological material visualization
Services Results
Maritime transport
Preparation of methodology for the safe and economical transportation of non-standard, oversized, and heavy goods by inland waterways Methodology for safe and economical transportation of non-standard, oversized, and heavy goods
Safe and efficient operation of ships Recommendations for safe and efficient operation and compatibility
Imitative modeling, design, and development of information and technical systems Creation of imitative models
Tests of fuel quality in vehicles to improve the performance of diesel engines Recommendations for improvement of the operational characteristics
Research on marine qualities of vessels and hydroaeromechanical problems Report on marine qualities of vessel and hydroaeromechanical problems
Research on port development, logistics, and maritime security Recommendations for port development
Research on the production and assembly of second generation marine fuels Feasibility study of second generation marine fuel exploitation
Research on algae (as an alternative fuel) conversion products; use of agrolime waste for algal loading


Evaluation of algae conversion, report on the feasibility of agrolime use
Studies and prototypes of energy-efficient systems, research on energy-efficient power converters and their management systems Energy-efficient systems, energy-efficient power converters
Development of concepts for low-energy buildings, research and evaluation of technical resources of buildings for the sustainable development of port technologies The concept of a low-energy building, assessment of technical resources
Structures and materials
Environmental and chemical aspects of storage and transportation of oil, its products, and other chemicals through the Klaipėda Seaport Recommendations for oil and other chemicals storage and transportation
Research on dynamics of technological equipment and structural reliability, selection of structural materials and their studies Assessment of reliability of technological equipment and structures
Studies of the impact of fuel and chemicals on the durability and reliability of transport facilities and structures Evaluation of durability and reliability of transport facilities
Assessment of corrosion resistance, thermochemical and thermal processing of structural steel Assessment of resistance to corrosion of structural steel and of thermochemical and thermal treatment
Evaluation of existing structures, damage analysis, recommendations, designing of modernization and renovation  Recommendations for renovation and modernization of existing structures
Research on organic waste management technologies Evaluation of organic waste management technologies, recommendations for smelling reduction
Services Results
Studies and assessment of external environmental factors such as air pollution or the effects of climatic change on human health Report on the assessment of the external environmental factors on human health, prepared recommendations
Modeling the worker’s health state at work to assess their hemodynamic condition Analysis of working conditions and reports, preparation of recommendations, acquired and improved working conditions of employees
Development of information and mobile embedded systems for the detection, analysis, and storage of human biosignals Information and mobile systems for the detection of human biosignals
Modeling of biomedical processes related to the computerization and digitization of patient health information Created electronic and digitalized models of biomedical processes, their implementation in health care institutions
The development of applied WEBs and mobile applications for the monitoring of personal health (activity) or the recording of information for statistical / applied purposes Adaptation of the created applied WEB and mobile applications for the monitoring of human health (activity), result analysis, and implementation
Assessment of the impact of geothermal water on human rehabilitation activities Assessment reports and recommendations for the use of geothermal water for health promotion
The analysis and assessment of the quality of health care services Quality assessment reports, developed models and methodologies
Analysis and applied research on health and medical tourism perspectives Prepared analysis reports, projects, and  recommendations
Assessment of the need for rehabilitation and nursing methods and their impact Report on the need and impact of rehabilitation and nursing methods, development and implementation of new recommendations
Services Results
Development of strategic business plan Strategic plan for a company
Optimization of a management process, introduction of the prototype of an advanced planning system Implementation of an advanced planning and management system (e.g. LEAN) for business optimisation
 Optimisation of marine and land logistics networks Optimized logistics networks
Surveys of consumer needs Report on the survey of consumer needs
Modeling of organisational changes Implementation of changes in an organisation
Organisational strategic communication and audit of public relations Development or adjustment of an organisational strategic communication and a public relations plan
Services Results
Personnel counselling for leadership, teamwork, career designing, decision making, conflict management, stress management, time planning, and efficiency and capacity building. In counselling, coaching, mentoring, and reflection techniques are used. Acquired and/or improved employee competencies
Development of competence-based staff selection methodologies; development of personnel career and professional development  plans, assessment of staff competences and identification of teaching / learning needs Methodologies
Research of the staff welfare in organisations; development of research findings-based recommendations Research and practical recommendations
Psychological testing, staff selection, staff training (stress management, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, personality maturity and growth, etc.) Acquired and/or improved employee competencies
Intellectual services for business representatives: improvement of the spiritual and psychological climate in team work Acquired and/or improved employee competencies
Consulting on research (quantitative and qualitative) conducting, computer data processing, application of SPSS software Acquired and/or improved employee competencies
Foreign language courses (English, German, Swedish, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Chinese, Finnish, Danish, Latvian, Russian, Estonian, etc.) Acquired and/or improved employee competencies
Courses of Lithuanian for speakers of other languages Acquired and/or improved employee competencies
Determining the level of language proficiency by issuing a certificate Determining the level of language proficiency
Courses of Business English (in accordance with the needs of an organisation) Acquired and/or improved employee competencies
Translation and editing services Document (or other texts) editing and translation into foreign languages
Seminars on the correct usage of the Lithuanian language and document development Acquired and/or improved employee competencies
Designing parks and city public spaces, Baltic, Japanese, Chinese, etc. style park design Environmental management projects
Design of a sustainable building. Creation of “green” architecture and urbanisation and other modern environmental architectural technologies Projects of a sustainable building, “green ” architecture and urbanisation,  and modern environmental architectural technologies
Designing of individual, public, and other buildings environmental management Projects of individual, public, and other buildings environmental management
Organisation of events and concerts, scenario writing, student performances Well-organised leisure and meaningful holidays