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Science Projects


2016-09-01 – 2020-08-31 Baltic Consortium on Promoting Gender Equality in Marine Researc Organizations Baltic Gender Viktorija Vaitkevičienė
2021-03-01 – 2024-02-29 EU Smart urban coastal sustainability – research for society Rasa Viederytė
2018-10-01 – 2020-12-31 Copernicus Academy Hub for Knowledge, Innovation and Outreach CopHub Diana Vaičiūtė
2020-09-01 – 2025-08-31 OPtimal strategies to retAIN and re-use water and nutrients in small agricultural catchments across different soil-climatic regions in Europe OPTAIN Natalja Čerkasova
2016-12-01 – 2020-01-31 Earh Observation-Based Services for monitoring and reporting of ecological dtstus EOMORES Diana Vaičiūtė
2017-08-01 – 2021-12-31 The use of active barriers for the nutrient removal and local water quality improvement in Baltic lagoons LiveLagoons Artūras Razinkovas-Baziukas
2020-01-01 – 2022-12-31 Aquaculture Virtual career development Platform for the South Baltic region AquaVIP Nerijus Nika
2019-06-01 – 2022-05-31 Baltic Smart Asset Management BSAM
2017-06-01 – 2021-06-30 Reviving Baltic Resilience RBR Olga Anne
2019-06-01 – 2022-05-31 Baltic Phytoremediation BAPR Olga Anne
2017-10-01 – 2021-03-31 Development, promotion and sustainable management of the Baltic Sea Region as a coastal fishing tourism destination RETROUT Nerijus Nika
2019-08-10 – 2021-08-10 Common Heritage of Curonian Lagoon: from Extraordinary to Familiar CROSS-HERITAGE Eduardas Spiriajevas
2019-01-01 – 2022-01-01 Empowering Participatory Budgeting in the Baltic Sea Region EmPaci Jaroslav Dvorak
2018-01-01 – 2021-06-30 Supporting sustainable nature tourism in transboundary coastal areas in the SB Region via establishing a common education scheme for Local Guides SB NATURE GUIDE NETWORK Zita Rasuolė Gasiūnaitė
2020-10-01 – 2021-09-30 Data, information and tools to identify and monitor optimal sites for the Blue Bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region BlueBioSites Zita Rasuolė Gasiūnaitė
2018-05-01 – 2021-04-30 Valorisation of manors for tourism development in rural areas of the South Baltic area SB MANORS Ramūnas Povilanskas
2020-07-01 – 2022-06-30 Ecotourism as a tool for preservation natural and cultural heritage ECOTOUR4NATURE Eduardas Spiriajevas
2021-02-01 – 2022-12-31 Pharmaceuticals in wastewaters – levels, impacts and reduction MEDWwater Segej Suzdalev
2017-10-01 – 2020-09-30 Baltic Sea Region Integrated Maritime Cultural Heritage Management BalticRIM Nerijus Blažauskas
2017-10-01 – 2021-03-31 Completing management options in the Baltic Sea Region to reduce risk of invasive species introduction by shipping COMPLETE Sergej Olenin
2019-07-01 – 2021-06-30 Promotion of breast and colorectal cancer prevention measures in cross border territories Cancer prevention Egidijus Skarbalius
2019-07-01 – 2021-06-30 Crossroads in History CROSSROADS Raimonda Nabažaitė
2018-07-25 – 2021-07-24 Sustainable development of a skilled workforce in the blue and green growth econimy  sectors, ensuring a smooth transfer of scientific knowledge SB BRIDGE Rasa Viederytė
2018-04-01 – 2020-09-30 Cross-boundary evaluation and management of lamprey stocks in Lithuania and Latvia LAMPREY Nerijus Nika
2018-01-01 – 2021-06-30 Sludge Technological Ecological Progress – increasing the quality and reuse of sewage sludge STEP Olga Anne
2018-01-01 – 2020-03-31 Core Groups Network YCGN Rimantas Stašys
2018-01-01 – 2020-12-31 Boosting cross-border cooperation capacities of local actors in South Baltic Sea UMBRELLA Rasa Viederytė
2017-08-17 – 2021-08-16 Supporting South Baltic Smes to enter the international supply chains&ships with electric propulsions ELMAR Eleonora Guseinovienė
2020-09-01 – 2022-09-30 Estimation, monitoring and reduction of plastic pollutants in Latvian-Lithuanian coastal area via innovative tools and awareness raising ESMIC
2021-04-01 – 2021-12-31 Practical implementation of the COMPLETE project outputs and tools COMPLETE PLUS Sergej Olenin
2019-01-01 – 2021-12-31 Enhancing oil spill response capability in the Baltic Sea region OIL SPILL Segej Suzdalev
2020-07-01 – 2022-06-30 Breaking the Barriers in Children Rehabilitation: from Correction towards Inclusive Collaboration BREAK Daiva Mockevičienė
2019-06-01 – 2022-05-31 Water Innovation System Amplifier WISA Valdas Langas
2017-10-01 – 2021-03-31 Low Temperature District Heating for the Baltic Sea Region LowTEMP Arūnas Andziulis
2018-09-01 – 2021-08-31 AppSam – professional and social support in dementia care AppSam Sonata Mačiulskytė
2019-09-01 – 2022-08-31 EU Smart urban coastal sustainability CONEXUS Rima Mickevičienė
2020-11-01 – 2023-08-31 Innovative education for students of medical and health sciences, resulting to better adapt the didactic offer to the health needs of pregnant and post-pregnant women INSTEpp Aelita Skarbalienė
2017-10-15 – 2021-04-14 Climate change management through risk reduction and adaptation AdapTM Inga Dailidienė
2019-11-15 – 2022-11-14 Development of a flexible, innovative and practical framework for Work-based Learning in higher education of Armenia and Russia FlexWBL Alona Rauckienė-Michaelsson
2019-11-15 – 2022-11-15 Teacher training with specialization on life and information technology skills / 21stTS 21stTS Reda Vismantienė
2020-10-05 – 2023-04-04 From Urban to human Regeneration. COMPETENCES TO REGENERATE COMMUNITIES IN URBAN REGENERATION PROCESSES FUTURE Eduardas Spiriajevas
2020-09-01 – 2023-08-31 FroM Overtourism To Innovating sOlutioNs in the EU MOTION Daiva Labanauskaitė
2020-11-01 – 2022-11-30 Improving Teaching Competency of Pre-service Primary School Teachers on Learning Disabilities e-Dys-Learn Julija Melnikova
2020-09-01 – 2023-02-28 Digital for Literacy and Future Education DIG4LIFE Erika Župerkienė
2019-09-01 – 2022-07-31 Social Professions for support youth in European solidarity context ESP YOUNG Alona Rauckienė-Michaelsson
2020-04-01 – 2022-03-31 Promotion of social entrepreneurship in the youth sector by digital and informal education tools INDIGISE Rasa Viederytė
2018-11-01 – 2021-04-30 Healthcare Language Learning Programme HELP2 Aelita Skarbalienė
2019-01-01 – 2020-12-31 Actions to evaluate and identify effective measures to reach GES in the Baltic Sea marine region HELCOM ACTION Darius Daunys
2018-03-01 – 2020-02-29 Towards development of Earth Observation based water quality assessment and monitoring system of Lithuanian surface waters TODAY Diana Vaičiūtė
2019-05-01 – 2021-04-30 Development of digital enterpreneurship: addressing the needs of immigrants and asilum seekers Julija Melnikova
2018-05-01 – 2020-05-31 Adult educators’ competence training for development of immigrants and asylum seekers’ digital entrepreneurship Julija Melnikova
2020-03-01 – 2021-08-31 The Use of “Dark Heritage” in Lithuanian Remembrance Culture: A Case Study of the Macikai Camps DARK HERITAGE Research Council of Lithuania Hektoras Vitkus
2019-04-01 – 2021-09-30 Forever young 65+ 65+ Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture Asta Šarkauskienė
2020-06-01 – 2021-12-31 Christianization of images of the afterlife in the mature Middle Ages in Lithuania CHRISTIANIZATION Research Council of Lithuania Marius Ščiavinskas
2020-10-01 – 2022-12-31 Innovative aquaponic system use for environment protection and its pollution-reducing AKVAPONIK NMA Asta Klimienė
2021-06-01 – 2024-03-31 Dealing with Environmental and Climate change Obstacles in the Nemunas river Watershed – Curonian lagoon – Baltic sea continuum ECO-NEWS Research Council of Lithuania Hans Georg Umgiesser
2018-10-01 – 2021-09-30 Arctic benthos ecosystem change: effects of glacier melting and macroplastic transport of boreal species ADAMANT Research Council of Lithuania Sergej Olenin
2017-12-27 – 2021-12-26 Invertebrate-bacterial associations as hotspot of benthic nitrogen cycling in estuarine ecosystems INBALANCE Research Council of Lithuania Mindaugas Žilius
2017-12-20 – 2021-12-19 Autonomous Green Port of the Future: Development of a new container handling method and system prototype GREEN PORT Research Council of Lithuania Arūnas Andziulis
2017-12-27 – 2021-12-26 Future ecosystem services in the Lithuanian coastal zone in the context of global change EcoServe Research Council of Lithuania Hans Georg Umgiesser
2020-10-01 – 2022-10-01 Diet choice of top predators and its relationships to a coastal food web structure and ecological network properties TOP Research Council of Lithuania Zita Rasuolė Gasiūnaitė
2020-07-16 – 2022-07-15 Development of an autonomous passenger ferry technology prototype AUTONOMOUS FERRY Other Vasilij Djačkov
2020-11-01 – 2022-12-20 The creation of innovative, biodiverse and science based greenery in rural areas NMA
2017-07-01 – 2020-09-30 Multilevel assessment of microplastics and associated pollutants in the Baltic Sea MICROPOLL BONUS Gerald Schernewski
2021-04-20 – 2021-12-31 Artificial Intelligence in Schools: Scenarios for the Development of Learning Analytics in Modernizing General Education in Lithuania DIMA_LT Research Council of Lithuania Julija Melnikova
2017-10-02 – 2020-03-31 The importance of phosphorus sources and resources for the process of blue-green algal blooms in the Curonian Lagoon PatCHY Research Council of Lithuania Marco Bartoli
2018-06-01 – 2020-05-31 Optimization of geophysical research by developing innovative robotic technologies and automated control systems Georobot Other Nerijus Blažauskas
2019-06-01 – 2022-06-30 A deep learning – based automated system for seabed imagery recognition and quantitave analysis DEMERSAL Research Council of Lithuania Sergej Olenin
2019-06-03 – 2022-06-30 Copper Alloys during the First Millennium AD: Investigation of Metallurgy and Technological Processes in the Context of Socio-Economic Development LYDINIAI Research Council of Lithuania Audronė Bliujienė
2020-09-01 – 2022-08-31 The relationship between ideological, populist and technocratic discourses in Lithuanian and Ukrainian political fields POLITICS Research Council of Lithuania
2021-04-01 – 2022-07-01 Development of a biotechnological in-situ treatment technology for oil spills in the Baltic Sea InoBioTech Baltija Other Tatjana Paulauskienė
2020-10-01 – 2022-01-31 Development of a smart software productivity robot SMART ROBOT Other
2020-09-01 – 2021-05-31 Youth Networking for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Baltic Sea Region STENetY The Council of the Baltic Sea States Project Support Facility Diana Šaparnienė
2020-07-13 – 2023-07-12 Development of an intelligent wireless security system and method for marine containers, as well as experimental testing Research Council of Lithuania Sergej Jakovlev
2020-01-01 – 2021-12-31 Assessment of the state of the marine ecosystem: concepts, indicators, testing MARSTAT Research Council of Lithuania Sergej Olenin
2020-10-01 – 2022-10-01 Development of harmful organisms and pathogens detection and risk assessment system DORAS Research Council of Lithuania Sergej Olenin
2021-04-12 – 2024-03-31 The Notions of Quality in the Humanites: Novelty, Excellence, Knowledge and Impact HumKo Research Council of Lithuania Aldis Gedutis
2019-09-02 – 2021-12-31 Preparation of the Publication „Practical Grammar of the Standart Lithuanian Language“ Other Albinas Drukteinis
2020-09-01 – 2022-08-31 Development of Lithuanian-Jewish relations in the United States during the Cold War LITHUANIAN-JEWISH RELATIONS Research Council of Lithuania Justas Stončius
2020-01-01 – 2021-12-31 Lietuvos žuvininkystės sektoriaus 2014-2020 metų veiksmų programos trečiojo Sąjungos prioriteto “BŽP įgyvendinimo skatinimas” priemonės “Duomenų rinkimas DRP Other Antanas Kontautas
2019-05-27 – 2022-06-30 Ecosystem services of charophytes in the estuarine hypertrophic lagoon under the climate change ECOCARPET Research Council of Lithuania Georg Martin
2020-03-01 – 2022-12-31 Cyanometabolites: ecological significance and biotechnological application CESBA Research Council of Lithuania Artūras Razinkovas-Baziukas
2020-06-08 – 2023-05-31 Impact of Artistic Research to Humanities and Visual Arts. The Case Study of Lithuania in Global Context Research Council of Lithuania Aldis Gedutis
2017-12-27 – 2021-12-26 Man and Baltic Sea in the Meso-Neolithic: Relict Coasts and Settlements below and above Present Sea Level ReCoasts&People Research Council of Lithuania Vladas Žulkus
2020-06-01 – 2023-05-31 Impact of deaths in the Lithuanian Armed Forces on soldiers and society (1918-1940) IMPACT OF DEATHS Research Council of Lithuania Vytautas Jokubauskas
2019-03-01 – 2021-02-28 Development of prototypes of natural propolis-based preservatives for the food industry Propolis Other Alona Rauckienė-Michaelsson
2019-11-20 – 2021-03-31 Assessment of the impact of newly established cormorant colonies and invasive Gobius niger on commercial fish stocks using DMSB indicators Gurmanas NMA Rasa Morkūnė
2019-03-01 – 2021-09-30 Promoting the social participation of victims of the conflict in eastern Ukraine Eastern Ukraine Other Indrida Baranauskienė
2019-08-13 – 2021-08-13 Application of APM to enhance mental health in cancer patients and their relatives PAM Other Alona Rauckienė-Michaelsson
2021-04-01 – 2024-03-31 Pathogenic Vibrio bacteria in the current and future Baltic Sea waters: mitigating the problem BaltVib Research Council of Lithuania Marija Kataržytė
2020-09-01 – 2022-08-31 The role of coastal upwelling in the Baltic Sea ecosystem EcoUP Research Council of Lithuania Diana Vaičiūtė
2020-06-01 – 2024-03-31 Solutions to current and future problems on natural and constructed shorelines, eastern Baltic Sea SOLIDSHORE Baltic research programme Loreta Kelpšaitė Rimkienė
2017-12-27 – 2021-12-26 A study of the training of specialists to provide full assistance to persons with disabilities in the health care system by raising the competencies of researchers VIPA Research Council of Lithuania Judit Green
2020-06-12 – 2020-12-31 Evaluation of the effectiveness of COVID-19-related economic activity restrictions and the impact of state investment measures on enterprises in the Klaipėda region COVID-19 Research Council of Lithuania
2021-04-01 – 2024-03-31 National Minorities in the Lithuanian Armed Forces in 1918-1940: the Case of German Loyalty LTKAR-VOKIEČIAI Research Council of Lithuania Silvija Pocytė
2020-09-01 – 2022-08-31 Formation of Sustainable Development Skills of Economic Entities Using Environmental Footprint Methods Sustainable Economics Research Council of Lithuania
2021-04-01 – 2024-03-31 Growing up in Independent Lithuania: Life Courses of 1980-2000 Cohorts, Adaptation Strategies and Contexts UNGES Research Council of Lithuania Sigita Kraniauskienė
2019-07-01 – 2022-06-30 “A Lived‐Through History” in Interwar Lithuania: Between Experience Narratives and Politics of Memory EXPHISTORY Research Council of Lithuania Vasilijus Safronovas


Project title Duration Responsible person
European network for research evaluation in the social sciences and the humanities (ENRESSH) 2016-2020 A. Gedutis, L. Kraniauskas
Advancing marine conservation in the European and contiguous seas 2015-2020 D. Daunys, M. Bučas
Developing new genetic tools for bioassessment of aquatic ecosystems in Europe 2016-2020 A. Samuilovienė, M. Kataržytė
Advancing effective institutional models towards cohesive teaching, learning, research and writing development 2016-2020 J. Melnikova, I. Baranauskienė
Harmonization of UAS techniques for agricultural and natural ecosystems monitoring 2017-2021 D. Vaičiūtė, M. Bučas
European Network for Algal-bioproducts 2014-2019 R. Pilkaitytė, Z. R. Gasiūnaitė
Strengthening Europeans’ Capabilities by Establishing the European Literacy Network (ELN) 2014-2018 R. Gedutienė, R. Šimulionienė
Evolution of REading in the Age of Digitisation (E-READ) 2014-2018 D. Janavičienė, J. Sučylaitė
Advanced Global Navigation Satellite Systems tropospheric products for monitoring severe weather events and climate (GNSS4SWEC) 2012-2017 I. Dailidienė, L. Davulienė
Evaluation of Ocean Syntheses 2014-2018 I. Dailidienė, A. Razinkovas-Baziukas
New Communities of Interpretation: Contexts, Strategies and Processes of Religious Transformation in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe 2013-2017 D. M. Stančienė, G. Vyšniauskas
European Information System for Alien Species 2012-2017 S. Olenin, A. Narščius
Next Generation of Young Scientist: towards a contemporary spirit of R&I (Sci-GENERATION) 2013-2017 R. Vaičekauskaitė, L. Kraniauskas