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Scientific Journals

The University research findings are presented in 12 peer-reviewed periodicals published at Klaipėda University which are referenced in international databases. The journals published at Klaipėda University mainly belong to the areas of the humanities and social sciences (11 out of 12).

An international journal of peer-reviewed scientific papers is published twice a year by the Institute of Baltic Region History and Archaeology (before 2003, the Centre for History of Western Lithuania and Prussia) of Klaipėda University. The journal presents thematic collections of papers covering the history of East Prussia and Lithuania from the Middle Ages to the present day in the context of the Baltic Sea Region. It was launched in 1993. Special attention is paid to to the relations of the neighbouring cultures (German, Polish, Lithuanian Russian, etc.). The journal publishes reviews  of scientific journals, published in Lithuania and other countries, and sources with professional historians’ comments. The papers published in Acta Historica Universitatis Klaipedensis are indexed in the following databases: EBSCO Central & Eastern European Academic Source (since 2007), EBSCO Historical Abstracts; Historical Abstracts with Full Texts (since 2006); and Index Copernicus (since 2009).

The journal (in English) was launched in 1995. Before 2010, it was published jointly with the Lithuanian Institute of History. Since 2011, on the decision of the KU Senate, it has been published by the Institute of Baltic Region History and Archaeology alone. Since 2007, the journal has belonged to EBSCO and TOC Premier databases and has been published twice a year. So far, 15 volumes have been published, and Volume No. 16 is forthcoming. Archaeologia Baltica  focuses on the issues of archaeological excavations in the Baltic Sea Region (the countries of Northern Europe). As a rule, one volume of the journal is devoted to one scientific issue: the themes of underwater or terrestrial archaeology, prehistoric spiritual culture, prehistoric warfare, cultural landscape, horse-breeding, paleocosmology, etc. Through the exchange, the journal reaches 32 of the most important European scientific centres

Launched in 2011 with the approval of the Senate of Klaipėda University, in the same year the journal was included in the Copernicus database. The journal is published by the Institute of Continuous Studies of Klaipėda University.

The peer-reviewed journal Computational Science and Techniques has been published twice a year since 2013, and it has been focusing on interdisciplinary areas that combine informatics, mathematical modeling, and natural sciences.  The journal publishes articles that address the problems of computational or engineering sciences , design and optimise components of advanced systems used, e.g., in decision support systems or in ecosystem management, and perform different calculations using programmes related to modeling, algorithms, or software development.

The journal is indexed in:

  • Index Copernicus International
  • Ulrich’s periodicals
  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
  • CrossRef
  • Google Scholar
  • Directory of Science Journals Indexing (DSJI)

It also aims to be included in the Scopus database. You are kindly invited to submit papers electronically.

A scientific periodical for the humanities that publishes scientific papers in the following fields: philology (linguistics and literature studies), philosophy, ethnology, history, theology, theatre studies, etc.), moreover, it reviews significant scientific publications, overviews more important events of academic life, and addresses academic and scientific problems. The journal stands out among other periodicals of a similar character by its regional identity and by papers devoted to Lithuania Minor: its identity, history, religion, culture, and literature; linguistic papers devoted to the issues of the semantics and structure of different languages; moreover, emphasis is placed on the Baltic studies, studies of the  Old Prussian language, and the history of the verb.

The scientific journal Regional Formation and Development Studies in the field of social sciences is a continuation of the previous journal Human Resources – the Main Factor of Regional Development (published in the period of 2007 to 2011). In the context of globalisation, the issue of sustainable development of regions is relevant. Therefore, the main objective of the scientific journal is to study the social situation of regions and, based on the outcomes, to submit proposals for regional policy, with emphasis placed on the prerequisites for the sustainable development of the region. The problems of Lithuanian regional policy are analysed in the context of the EU and globalisation processes. The current economic and social situation in the regions is diagnosed in accordance with the main parameters, qualitative changes in labour are analysed, as well as migration processes, the preconditions for the formation of a civic and knowledge society in regions, increasing the efficiency of the business organisations management, and the preservation of the national identity in the face of globalisation. Each paper is reviewed by two scholars. The journal is published three times a year in Lithuanian and English.

The journal is devoted to the current issues of European and world education. The focus is on the introduction of the issues of teacher training and school communities in a changing society. The journal is published jointly with the Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE). The ATEE holds annual conferences in different European countries. In 1997, the staff of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Klaipėda University, had an idea to hold the ATEE spring conference in the former territory of the Soviet Union, as, before that, in the conference organisation practice, the ATEE had never crossed the western border of the USSR. The conference Spring University 1998 enjoyed great popularity, and the ATEE Council approved the idea of holding spring conferences there on the annual basis. The first volume of conference proceedings was published in 1998. Allong with the annual ATEE Spring University conference, Klaipėda University publishes an issue of the journal. As the quality of the journal kept improving, in 2005, the ISSN Agency of the National Martynas Mažvydas Library issued an international standard serial number ISSN 1822-2196 to the journal Spring University. Changing Education in a Changing Society. Once a year, the journal publishes the presentations of the traditional conference under the same name  (ATEE SPRING UNIVERSITY). The editor-in-chief of the journal is professor of Klaipėda University Stasys Vaitekūnas. The editorial board consists of the ATEE members from Lithuania and abroad. The readers of the journal are scientists, teachers, students, and the general public interested in education reforms in Lithuania and abroad.

Scientific journal TILTAI/BRIDGES/BRÜCKEN published by Klaipėda University (established in 1991) is devoted to the issues of human and social sciences. The publications attempts at analysing and solving actual problems of economy, management, demography, social geography, geopolitics, political sciences, culture, language, literature, arts, history, education, religious, regional planning and land use, other problems. Science hasn’t borders. Therefore scientific cooperation is one of the most important elements in the progress of world’s community. Scientists from different countries of the world are kindly invited to write for and contribute to the journal. TILTAI/BRIDGES is the scientifical periodical magazine, which publications, by the decision of Lithuanian Science Council, are recognized as convenient for doctoral dissertations and pedagogical scientific names.

The journal Tradicija ir dabartis (Tradition and the Present) was launched in 1994. After volume No. 4 in 2009, it became an annual scientific publication. In the same year, it was included in an international INDEX COPERNICUS database.

Papers in Lithuanian, English, German, Polish, or Russian deal with theoretical and practical issues of folk music, musical instruments, and the place of folk music-making traditions in the contemporary musical life. Recently, it also includes works on more general aspects of the ethnic culture of Lithuanians and other nations and the dissemination of traditional art.

KU publishes the following journals jointly with other Lithuanian universities:

Archivum Lithuanicum was launched in 1999.  It is included in the databases of CEEOL and MLA Modern Language Association International Bibliography. The Archivum Lithuanicum aims at developing the theory of the history of the text. It combines the philological and socio-linguistic aspects of studies of old texts. Its research fields include the history of written Lithuanian (and its variants);    the history of the ideas of formation of Standard Lithuanian; the history of the studies of the Lithuanian language; philological textual analysis of old Lithuanian texts; the history of translation of Lithuanian texts; and the history of editing Lithuanian texts.

The journal Aplinkos tyrimai, inžinerija ir vadyba (Environmental Research, Engineering, and Management) focuses on the following themes: environmental studies, ecological monitoring;  environmental engineering, innovative technologies; environmental management, economics, law; environmental impact assessment; and pollution reduction and prevention.

Sociologija. Mintis ir veiksmas (Sociology. Thought and Action) is an academic journal that provides critical analysis of the changes in the contemporary society and culture, the development of social theory, and the self-awareness of the changing sociology. Even though the predominating theme of the journal is social theory and methodological preconditions for social cognition, it accepts papers on the isssues of  political sociology, gender studies, nationalism, art sociology, social stratification, criminology, and social identity. In the pursuit of academic dialogue and interdisciplinary relations, the journal publishes not only sociological research, but also studies of social psychology, philosophy, history, political sciences, and anthropology, while recent original sociological books and their translations get detailed critical reviews. The journal was launched in 1997 and published in Lithuanian and English. About 15% of the texts by foreign authors are published in English. The journal is published twice a year, in July and December. The texts of the latest issue are available on the publishers’ website, as well as in the databases indexing the journal.  The journal Sociologija. Mintis ir veiksmas is published by two academic institutions: the Department of Sociology of Vilnius University and the Centre for Social Changes at Klaipėda University.