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Courses of languages at KU

Lithuanian language courses

Courses of other languages

* Courses are held in the classrooms or live online (depending on the situation) and they take place if there are enough people to start the course (except individual lessons).

** KU students and lecturers get a 50% discount on the course fee.

Semester studies of German / Swedish languages together with KU students in the integrated groups

4 months (1st semester: autumn (September-December) / spring (February-May), lessons 1 or 2 times a week + independent study

* Offered courses are announced one month before the start of the semester, depending on vacant places in the course

36 EUR for 1 academic credit
(Courses usually take from 3 to 6 credits

Evening / afternoon / morning courses of Lithuanian and other languages

3 months
2 lessons (x 90 min.) per week in the evening / noon / morning
40 academic hours (contact) + independent study
Registration is available always; the course starts after the group being formed.
Write to

160 EUR

Individual LIVE ONLINE lessons of Spanish / Russian / German / English / Swedish / Individual LIVE ONLINE lessons of Spanish / Russian / German / English / Swedish / Norvegian languages

Courses are held according to the student’s request, depending on the level and duration, and including a short basic course or a specialized course. The course can be held with the teachers who are able to consult in Lithuanian, or with native-speakers.
The schedule shall be confirmed by mutual agreement.
Classes can be held individually or in a small group (up to 4 people).
The cost of 1 hour is 30 EUR. The price per person is reduced in proportion to the number of students. 2 people pay 15 EUR per academic hour, 3 – 10 EUR each, 4 – 7.5 EUR eachRegistration is available always. Write to necessarily indicating the subject of the message “Individual lessons”

Up to 30 EUR for an hour (60 min.)