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Lithuanian language courses for non-native speakers

* Courses are held in the classrooms or live online (depending on the situation) and they take place if there are enough people to start the course (except individual lessons).

** Previous participants of KU courses students get a 25% discount on the course fee.

Evening / afternoon / morning courses of Lithuanian

3 months
2 lessons (x 90 min.) per week in the evening / noon / morning
40 academic hours (contact) + independent study
Registration is available always; the course starts after the group being formed.
Write to

160 EUR

Individual LIVE ONLINE Lithuanian language lessons

The scope of curriculum depends on the needs of the students.
The teacher can also consult in EN, RU or ESP languages ​​if required.
The schedule shall be confirmed by mutual agreement.
Classes can be held individually or in a small group (up to 4 people).
The cost of 1 hour is 30 EUR. The price per person is reduced in proportion to the number of students. 2 people each pays 15 EUR per hour, 3 persons 10 EUR each, 4 persons 7,5 EUR each.Registration is available always. Write to necessarily indicating the subject of the message “LT individually”

Up to 30 EUR for an hour (60 min.)