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Lithuanian Lutheran Church  During World War Two
Darius Petkūnas

KU leidykla
Leidimo nr. : 1
Leidimo metai : 2015
Apimtis : 328 p.
ISBN : 978-9955-18-846-9
Formatas : B5
Viršelis : Kietu viršeliu



The subject of this study is the story of the Lutheran Church in Lithuania during the course of the Second World War. It presents the situation of the church during the first occupation by the Red Army and the Soviets, which began in 1940, and their subsequent flight in the face of the eastward advance of the Wehrmacht in 1941, and the substitution of one hostile socialist regime for another. It provides a picture how the church was able to cope with the challenges and restrictions imposed on it first by the Soviets and then by the Nazis. It tells of the attempts of the newly formed consistory to carry on and fortify the church after the 1941 repatriation which had left it much smaller than it had been earlier, with far fewer members and very few pastors to serve them. It also depicts life in the congregations during these periods up to the time when the Red Army reentered the country in 1944 and World War Two came to an end – at least for Lithuanians.

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