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Welfare and security in 21st century: politisation of the „social contract“
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Leidimo nr. : 1
Leidimo metai : 2017
Apimtis : 212 p.
ISBN : 978-9955-18-955-8
Formatas : B5
Viršelis : Minkštu viršeliu



The present collection of scientific papers is special for several reasons. First, the papers included in the collection are devoted to the relevant topic of the social contract under the increasing interdependence of welfare and security, primarily internal. The topic has never been in the periphery of scientific research, however, over the past two decades, it has become increasingly clear that, in the context of the global economic stagnation and geopolitical confrontation, the preservation of social stability, including through political means when the welfare faces new challenges, and in particular immigration intensified by refugees, it should be further emphasised. Second, the papers included in the collection as a whole represent an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the security and welfare interrelationship, when social inequality becomes immoral and shields itself behind the ever more imaginary political equality. The findings of their research have been presented by philosophers, economists, political scientists, and lawyers. Third and finally, the materials of the collection have been prepared by scientists from different countries: Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, and Russia, representing different experiences of social, economic, and political development.

Informacija atnaujinta: Thursday June 29th, 2017