Professor Dr. Bela H. Buck


Prof. Buck (Applied Marine Biology and Aquaculture) works for Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences and the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI).

Since 2000, he has been engaged in projects on offshore aquaculture (focusing on multi-use of offshore wind farms) at AWI, with reference to the development of new technologies and system design, marine biology, and integrated costal zone management (ICZM).

He was also involved in projects on the cultivation of marine plants/ animals, the development of technological design, and the implementation of pilot projects to commercial companies.


Professor Giovanni Di Noto


since 2015, Director of cloudyBoss, a global leader in the cloud economy area.  cloudyBoss runs NEXT+, the world’s leading distributed ecosystem management platform, and accelerator programmes, such as STARTospheric (for start-ups, scale-ups, and keep-ups), D.OT (for large organisations) and advanCITY, a smart city program led by a consortium of ecosystem builders, VCs, and investors representing annual capital injections of over 3 billlion USD.

GDN (Giovanni di Noto) Consulting head Consultant (management & technology consulting services) since 2009 (strategic planning, coaching programs & advising, project & change management, business & technical analysis, all aspects of systems development life cycle (SDLC), digital business services) to institutional, enterprise and NFP clients across a broad section of industry verticals.


  • 2015 Eldercare Innovation Award
  • Award For Excellence in Teaching &Learning
  • Award For Excellence in Human Resources Management
  • Runner Up / Best Australian IT Infrastructure of the Year
  • Runner Up / 2012 State Awards For Excellence


Professor Dr. Jeronimo Chirivella Martorell


Prof. Martorell, PhD in Biology (Fish Parasitology), boasts over 10-year experience in fish farming. Currently he works in university degree study programmes of Marine Science and Veterinary Medicine (teaching Aquaculture and Aquatic Animal Health) at Valencia Catholic University Saint Vincent Martyr.

He has been in charge of the development of the Veterinary Medicine study programme. Prof. Martorell leads Aquaculture and Aquatic Animal Health Research Team, including University researchers and veterinarians in fish farming.

Professor Laszlo Puczko


Over the past 25 years, Laszlo Puczko has honed his expertise in destination and product development, experience engineering, impact assessment and marketing. He was a manager at KPMG, the global advisory firm’s Travel, Leisure and Tourism Group (Europe & Middle East) and served as an advisor on over 100 projects.

He is a disrupting presenter at international professional and academic conferences addressing such topics as benchmarks, competitive product development, the role of travel in wellbeing and performance improvement. He is a trainer of marketing and product development.

Laszlo Puczko had written and co-authored several benchmark books and articles on health tourism, cultural management and destination marketing including Health Tourism and Hospitality: Spas, Wellness and Medical Travel.

Laszlo Puczko graduated as an economist specializing in tourism from Budapest University of Economics and holds a PhD on the Environmental Impacts of Tourism from Budapest University of Economics. He is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and Past President of the Association of Tourism Consultants in Hungary.


Asst. Professor Lawrence Henesey


Dr. Henesey is Advisor to the Board of Swarm Engineering, Irvine, California and Assistant Professor at chool of Computer Science at Blekinge University of Technology, Karlshamn, Sweden.

He possesses over 30 years of “hands-on experience” in commercial and operational aspects in international maritime transportation and logistics industries. Expertise in shipping, container terminal operations, sales (project and product), business development, analysis, simulation, development of expert systems, and knowledge of IT services and technologies. Has developed several innovations implemented globally for top terminal operators.


Professor Dr. Lisa Cowey


Lisa Cowey is a UK based, independent expert who has worked in the field of innovation and new product development for nearly 30 years. She has a particular focus on integrating IP Strategies into new product development and research commercialisation.

Her present work portfolio spans the UK to Ukraine and the Baltic States to the Western Balkans.



Assoc. Professor Niels Gorm Malý Rytter


Assoc. Professor Niels Gorm Malý Rytter is Head of Section for Engineering Operations Management at the University of Southern Denmark. He is an academic, project leader, team leader, business entrepreneur, consultant, speaker and trainer in the fields of global shipping and logistics and manufacturing operations.

He boasts professional skills and expertise in the fields of strategy, process improvement (Lean Six Sigma), digitalisation, applied statistics, performance management, production planning and control, project and stakeholder management, skill building and business simulations / games with experience from different industries.

Professor Tom O Kleppestø


Experience from academia through 12 years at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), incl. the MSc study programme, working with R&D, EU Research administration and executive programmes for 8 years.

Experience and results from media, sales, management, project management, and entrepreneurship.

Involved in human rights work through 20 years as board member of the Rafto Foundation, Bergen.


Professor Volker Wittpahl


Director of Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) within VDI/VDE Innovation und Technik GmbH, Berlin, Germany.

Examples of relevant project experience:

  • Innovation Champions Hamburg Analysis of the innovation ecosystem of Hamburg Metropolitan Region
  • Hamburg Innovation Scanning Network Analysis of Hamburg innovation system
  • Transform Local Consulting Coburg Municipality on digital strategy development
  • Author of Künstliche Intelligenz (Artificial Intelligence), published in 2018 (more than 450,000 downloads at Springer Nature)


Professor Torger Reve


Professor em. Torger Reve (PhD) was the dean and president in 1997-2005, then later held the Wilh Wilhelmsen Chair in Strategy and Industrial Competitiveness, and was the initiator of the Centre for Ocean Business (OBZ) at BI Norwegian Business School in Norway.

Listed among the twenty most influential business thinkers in the Nordics (2013), Torger Reve has received several international prizes and awards, including BI’s prize for excellent research communication (2012). He has held a number of public and private board positions in Norway and abroad and been an advisor to corporate leaders and the governments of both Norway and Singapore, among others. When he turned 70 last year, the Norwegian prime minister, Ms Erna Solberg, sent him a video greeting.

His current board appointments include Sørlandet Foundation for Innovation and Competence Development, OBOS (the largest building and real estate company in Norway), Singapore-Norway Chamber of Commerce, and Vid Scientific College.

Among his many Honorary Doctorates is the ISM University, Vilnius (2018).

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