Klaipėda University, a member of the advanced consortium of European higher education institutions EU-CONEXUS (European University for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability), announces a newly established programme Blue Growth Leaders Academy, which has no analogues either in Lithuania or other neighbouring countries, starting in September 2020.

The Blue Growth Leaders Academy will provide an opportunity to expand one’s knowledge by complementing it with enhanced competencies in the areas of innovation&change management.

The participants of the programme will receive information, based on the most important current issues, and will get acquainted with European and global trends in various sectors of Blue Growth, outlining the future of Europe and the world.

The Blue Growth Leaders Academy means more than just external experts that will help to mobilise a critical mass in Klaipėda for further development of the Blue Growth potential. The innovative format of the programme will open opportunities for its participants to expand the network of valuable professional contacts.

Meet strong personalities, professionals of various fields, and regional innovators!

An exclusive content is to be shared by a team of top experts – internationally acclaimed researchers and practitioners from Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.

The content of the programme will consist of thematic areas related to the following Blue Growth industries:

  • Port and Shipping
  • Blue Biotechnology
  •  Shipbuilding
  • Aquaculture
  • Coastal Energy
  • Sea and Coastal Tourism

Having set an ambitious Blue Growth strategy, Klaipėda has a unique opportunity to become a centre that brings together leaders able to turn Blue Growth into tangible benefits – for their business, the industry they represent, and the entire region.

In the European context, Blue Growth is rapidly penetrating into numerous economic and social mechanisms. This strategy is changing the way that the society, business, and policy makers see what our well-being will depend on. Sustainable use of ocean, marine, and coastal resources determines the creation of high value-added jobs, the quality of life, and rational use of material resources.

For business, research, and innovators, Blue Growth is synonymous with success. Covering extremely high potential sectors, it opens up a wide range of opportunities for those who are able to see them and adapt quickly.