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Searching EBSCOhost databases and EBSCO eBooks

You are invited to take part in the EBSCO webinar  Searching EBSCOhost databases and EBSCO eBooks.

Date: 16 May, 2019

There will be two sessions, so you can choose the most appropriate time:

10:00 am. Registration
14:00 pm. Registration

Sessions will review:

  • searching EBSCO databases and eBooks using the EBSCOhost interface;
  • basic and advanced searching;
  • the use of controlled vocabulary, subject headings and field codes to obtain highly relevant search results;
  • the searching, browsing eBooks and especially ways of retrieving the full text for reading offline;
  • the process of downloading the whole eBooks and saving eBook chapters as PDFs into your computer.


The online sessions are performed through an online tool called WebEx. During the session a trainer shares the desktop with the participants. For communication we use a headset, thus audio connection is available to provide full feedback or chat box.


How to join the session? When it is time to join, click on the link provided with your WebEx invitation which you will receive after registration. Please try to join the webinar approximately 5-10 minutes before it starts. To register, click the above link Register.