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About the Library

The history of the Klaipėda University Library starts with 1991, the year of the establishment of Klaipėda University. The Library operates as an independent KU unit in accordance with its own regulation. At present, it has nine branches in different places of the Klaipėda City.

The mission of the Library.Given constant changes in the research/study process in the KU and the academic world in general, the Library understands its main mission as the assistance to the KU community:

  • in the building, collection, dissemination, and the use of knowledge;
  • in the mastering of new information and communication technologies;
  • in the development of information competences of the community members.

 The vision of the Library: to make the Klaipėda University Library a modern academic library, characterised by:

  • high level of customer service;
  • the diversity of provided information;
  • wide use of modern information technology;
  • a good working environment for the users and the staff.

The Library is proud of its rare publications on the history of Samogitia and Lithuania Minor stored in Dr. Kazys Pemkus library-archives, the Archives of Lithuania Minor, and the Archives of Culture and Arts of Lithuanian emigrants in the Main Library. The majority of those publications are donations of Lithuanian emigrants from abroad.

The Library is one of the constantly developing and improving units of the University. Since 2001, all the Library services are based on an integrated library system ALEPH 500.

Every year, the Library subscribes to 50 titles of periodicals and several dozens of world-known e-databases with full-text research articles and e-books. The Library annually serves more than 80 thousand visitors.

The main data (1 January 2019)

The total collection 340.627 copies
The yearly issue 87.503 copies
Additions to the collection during 2018 6.444 copies
Registered number of users 3.309
Registered number of visitors 38.480
Number of reading rooms 12
Number of user seats 247
Number of computerised user seats 45
Number of full-time staff 26,5

The KU Library participate/participated in various projects:

The KU Library is a member of the following national and international library organisations:

  • LBD (Lithuanian Librarians Association)
  • LMBA (Lithuanian Research Library Consortium)
  • eLABa Consortium (The Lithuanian Academic e-Library)
  • Bibliotheca Baltica (Baltic Sea Area Libraries Group)
  • (Electronic Information for Libraries)
  • LIBER (Association of European Research Libraries)