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Studies in Klaipėda University are implemented in degree-awarding study programmes.

Degree-awarding study programmes are of three cycles: 1st cycle, or Bachelor’s, 2nd cycle, or Master’s, and 3rd cycle, or Doctoral.

The first cycle university degree study programmes provide universal general education and focus on the theoretical background and the highest level professional skills. Upon completion of those studies, students are awarded a Bachelor’s degree, or a Bachelor’s degree and a professional qualification, in a relevant field of study, certified by a Bachelor’s diploma.

The second cycle (Master’s) university degree study programmes are designed for students to get prepared for independent research (art) activity or any other activity that requires scientific knowledge and analytical skills. Upon completion of the Master’s study programmes, students are awarded a Master’s degree, or a Master’s degree and a qualification, certified by a Master’s diploma.

The third cycle studies are doctoral studies. Upon completing them and defending a doctoral dissertation, a PhD degree in science (arts) is awarded, certified by a PhD diploma.

Lithuania has a national higher education quality assurance system. Only accreditted study programmes can be implemented. An accredited study programme shall for a specified period be registered in the Register of Studies, Training Programmes, and Qualifications.

The scope of studies is measured in study credits. A study credit is a unit of the scope of an academic subject to measure the learning outcomes and the student workload. 1,600 hours of study in an academic year correspond to 60 credits. One study credit equals one European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) credit.

Bachelor’s degree programmes (full time)

Bachelor’s (1st cycle) study programmes are designed for the mastering of the theoretical fundamentals and the development of generic skills. The studies are oriented towards higher university education, the formation of basic knowledge in the chosen study field, and the development of the highest level professional skills.