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In 1961, Klaipėda Faculty of Kaunas Polytechnic Institute was founded in Klaipėda. The Department started in 1963 as the Electromechanical Department. In 2015, the merging of the Electromechanical, Mechanical Engineering, and Technological Processes Departments resulted in a single Department of Engineering.

Currently, the department is in charge of the following undergraduate and graduate study programmes in engineering:

  • undergraduate study programmes: Environmental Engineering, Chemical Enginering, and Mechanical Engineering;
  • graduate study programmes: Marine Environmental Engineering, Petroleum Technological Processes, Production Engineering, and Innovative Electrical and Automation Systems.

Assistants and lecturers employed in the Departments are doctoral students in the fields of Chemical Enginering, Mechanical Engineering, and Transport Engineering.

The Department is an active participant in the Erasmus+ programmes: student exchange takes place with various European countries (Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Portugal, France, Turkey, Germany, etc.), and academics of those countries come to  give lectures in Klaipėda. The researchers of the Department take part in the research and R&D projects of both national and EU programmes‘ (INTERREG, Baltic Sea Region programme, HORIZONT 2020, tripartite cooperation Lithuania-Latvia-China) and involve students of all cycles in project activities. The staff and students of the Department participate in seminars, conferences, and robotic club activities, develop professionally in different training courses, cooperate with business enterprises and organisations, represent organisations and committees at different levels (national and global), review scientific papers at an international level, etc.

For more details about the Department activities, see: the Facebook account of the Department of Engineering.