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About Faculty

The Faculty of Marine Technology and Natural Sciences (FMTNS), equipped with advanced research facilities, got together scientists and researchers for common activities: the staff are able to deal with technological and sustainable development issues relevant for the maritime industries and shipping, to investigate the impact of the global change on the marine and coastal natural resources and ecosystems, to implement the goals of the EU integrated maritime policies, and to train highly skilled specialists. The quality of performance in the Faculty is based on continuous self-improvement and collaboration with other research and study institutions and businesses.

The Faculty of Marine Technology and Natural Sciences trains bachelors and Master of Engineering and technologies, informatics, information systems and statistics as highly skilled erudites who will be able to engage in lifelong learning and to maintain and disseminate humanistic values. The faculty offers three unique study programmes in the field of marine engineering: Marine Transport Engineering (Bachelor degree), Shipping and Port Engineering (Bachelor and Master Degree).

The academic staff and researchers of the faculty boast advanced scientific production and research and technological innovations. Outstanding researchers from Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Finland, Estonia, and other countries give regular special courses, and the professionals of industries and business share their experience.

The experience acquired by the faculty researchers in the field of conducting research in marine sciences and engineering and carrying out unique study programmes distinguishes the Faculty from other divisions of national universities and promotes sustainable blue development activities.


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