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On 26th July, 2019 the European Commission announced higher education institutions from all over Europe that will belong to the first unions of European Universities networking initiative, creating common European Universities.

17 different European Universities encompassing 114 higher education institutions are to be created in total.

Klaipeda University together with five other European universities belongs to a progressive and ambitious consortium “EU-CONEXUS“(„European University for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability“).

The universities of La Rochelle, Athens, Valencia, Zadar and Bucharest are going to participate in the same consortium. All these universities share the same geographical region that pays most attention to the sustainability of the coastal area, digitalization and blue growth.

Belonging to the European University means new opportunities both for students and academic staff: new inter-disciplinary and international study programs, new models of mobility, common virtual libraries, the idea of smart university campus are going to be created, scientific research is to be strengthened.

Having created the unions of European universities, the quality of European higher education will be improved and its attractiveness increased, the internationalization widened and European citizenship strengthened – the mobility of students and lecturers will increase.

It is expected that the first seventeen European universities will become an example to follow for other higher education institutions, will increase the continental universities’ competitiveness and quality of higher education at international level.