Special achievments

Special achievements of Klaipėda university scientists and artists

A cycle of studies Balts in the Baltic Sea Area (1994-2008) by Klaipėda University scholars A. Bliujienė, A. Girininkas, and V. Žulkus was awarded the Lithuanian Science Prize in the field of humanities and social sciences in 2009.

Dr. V. Vaitkevičius won a national award – the Jonas Basanavičius Prize – in 2011 for creative, scientific, and educational activity in the field of ethnic culture, the development of ethnic cultural traditions, archaeological investigations, the search for historical heritage monuments, their popularisation, and the efforts of their preservation, digitisation of the sources of Lithuanian studies, and dissemination of the research outcomes.

The project of KU professor architect P. Grecevičius won the world park development competition in Jinzhou, China, and was included into the list of World Top 20 Projects. In accordance with the winner projects, original parks were developed for the World EXPO Park in 2013.

For the popularisation of science and technologies, in 2009, assoc. prof. dr. Z. Gasiūnaitė, dr. V. Vaitkevičius, and prof. dr. habil. S. Vaitekūnas received prizes of the Republic of Lithuania Ministry of Education and Science.

In 2010, for a series of works Issues of Christianisation of the Baltic Tribes and the State of Lithuania, dr. M. Ščavinskas won the prize of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences in the contest for young scientists 2009in the fields of humanities and social sciences.

The Institute for Culture and History of the Germans in Eastern Europe in Oldenburg, Germany, recognized the scientific research of historian dr. V. Safronovas 2012 m. by awarding him the Immanuel Kant Research Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In 2012, prof. dr. K. Dučinskas was awarded the Zigmas Žemaitis (1884-1969), Lithuanian educator and patriarch of mathematicians, Medal for outstanding achievements in the development of the science of mathematics, received in Lithuania by the most distinguished researchers and academics.

In 2015, Gabrielė Petkevičaitė-Bitė Commemorative Medals Serve Lithuania were awarded to prof. dr. habil. S. Vaitekūnas (for the fostering and dissemination of the parliamentarism tradition) and to V. Kochanskytė (for the dissemination of the culture of volunteerism in Lithuania).

In 2015, the Lithuanian Composers‘ Union awarded the Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis Prize to KU prof.dr. D. Petrauskaitė for the significant creative activity in the field of professional music over the recent period.

In 2016, dr. V. Jokubauskas was awarded the Medal for Meritorious Civilian Service of the Republic of Lithuania Ministry of National Defense and a certifying diploma. The said medal of the National Defence System, established in 2000, is bestowed on civilians for extraordinary merits and exceptional performance in strengthening national defense.

For merits to Lithuanian art and culture, the Republic of Lithuania Government Culture and Art Prize was awarded to prof. E. Kaniava (2006), N. Savičenko-Klimienė (2009), prof. B. G. Padegimas and lect. L. Juodkaitė (2013).

The National Culture and Art Prize was awarded to prof. V. Masalskis (1996)and R. Rastauskas (2010).

The winners of the Golden Stage Cross include assoc. prof. V. Anužis (2011), lect. O. Lapina (2012, 2013), lect. A.Šeiko- Sarulienė (2013), lect. R. Valčik (2015), prof. V. Masalskis, and lect. K. Jurkštaitė (2016). The M. K. Čiurlionis Foundation awards went to prof. V. Tetenskas and assoc. prof. N. Savičenko-Klimienė (2009).

National orders were bestowed on seven teachers of the Academy of Arts: prof. S. Idzelevičienė, prof. R. Idzelevičius (1997, 1999, 2003, 2012), prof. E. Kaniava (1997), assoc. prof. Z. Kariniauskienė (2005), assoc. prof. dr. D. Vaigauskaitė, assoc. prof. R. Varnas (2006), and prof. dr. D. Kšanienė (2008).

Thirteen KU teachers were elected Klaipėda Masters of Culture: prof. A. Kliševičius, assoc. prof. J. Genys (2003), prof. dr. D. Kšanienė (2004), prof. P. Gaidys, assoc. prof. V. Grubliauskas (2005), B. Juškevičius, prof. K. Kšanas (2006), assoc. prof. B. Gražys, prof. J. Gudavičius (2007), assoc. prof. N. Savičenko-Klimienė, prof. V. Tetenskas (2008), prof. dr. habil. V. Žulkus (2009), assoc. prof. R. Varnas (2012), prof. P. Bielskis (2014), prof. O. S. Idzelevičienė, and assoc. prof. I. Nakienė (2015).

On 4 May 2016, prof. dr. habil. Sergej Olenin was elected full member of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.
The KU formation dance team Žuvėdra won the following places in the European and World Latin American Dancesport Championships:

The places won by the formation dance team Žuvėdra in the European Latin American Dancesport Championships     The places won by the formation dance team Žuvėdra in the World Latin American Dancesport Championships
1994 Dortmund (Germany), 4th place

1994 Bremen (Germany), 3rd place

1995 Bourge (France), 2nd place

1995 Berlin (Germany), 3rd place

1996 Bremerhaven (Germany), 2nd place

1996 Vilnius (Lithuania), 2nd place

1997 Warsaw (Poland), 2nd place

1997 Munich (Germany), 3rd place

1998 Budapest (Hungary), 3rd place

1998 Göteborg (Sweden), 3rd place

1999 Gomel (Belarus), 1st place

1999 Vilnius (Lithuania), 1st place

2000 Wels (Austria), 2nd place

2000 Ostrava (Czech Republic), 2nd place

2001 Békéscsaba (Hungary), 1st place

2001 Bremerhaven (Germany), 2nd place

2002 Hertogenbosch (Netherlands), 2nd place

2002 Vilnius (Lithuania), 1st place

2003 Usti nad Labem (Czech Republic), 1st place

2003 Essen (Germany), 1st place

2004 Bremen (Germany), 1st place

2004 Minsk (Belarus), 1st place

2005 Bremen (Germany), 1st place

2005 Munich (Germany), 1st place

2006 Vilnius (Lithuania), 1st place

2006 Bremen (Germany), 2nd place

2007 Bremerhaven (Germany), 3rd place

2007 Düsseldorf (Vokietija), 2nd place

2008 Essen (Germany), 2nd place

2008 Vienna (Austria), 1st place

2009 Vilnius (Lithuania), 1st place

2009 Bremen (Germany), 2nd place

2010 Moscow (Russia), Bremen (Germany), 2nd place

2010 Bremen (Germany), Moscow (Russia), 2nd place

2011 Tyumen (Russia), 2nd place

2011 Vilnius (Lithuania), 1st place

2012 Vienna (Austria), 1st place

2012 Bremen (Germany), 2nd place

2013 Vilnius (Lithuania), 1st place

2013 Bremen (Germany), 4th place