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Social insurance & Health insurance

Social insurance

First, you need to have your TRP, in order to get social insurance and free health care services in Lithuania. There are several ways to get your social insurance:

  • The first option is to get a job; your employer and the company you work for will provide you with all social guarantees, and you will not be required to pay for clinics services.
  • The second option is to pay a monthly fee of 58,63 EUR for your PSD (Compulsory Health Insurance) to Sodra; you will need to contact Sodra to obtain a form to fill in in order to get your mandatory health insurance; here is a link to frequently asked questions. This website also contains all of the additional information about mandatory health insurance as well as contact information.

Health insurance

All international students are expected to have health insurance valid in Lithuania for the whole study period. Health Insurance for the EU citizens: if you have come from one of the EU member states and have a European Card of Health Insurance, you are guaranteed state-funded health care services in the case of an accident. 

You need to be aware that the card does not cover the expenses of health care services provided by the private sector.

Health insurance only covers emergency situations in which a person can be compensated  for things like physical injury, external/internal bleeding, etc.  The clinics services are not covered by this insurance. If you have only health insurance, the clinics services are not free. In addition, the doctor may refer you to other doctors, and the cost is determined by the service that you require.


If you have any inquiries regarding your health, contact Alejandro Parra Moises Specialist at Student Integration:
tel. +370 46 39 89 76